Useful tips for tightlining your eyes like a pro

Useful tips for tightlining your eyes like a pro

Ever heard of a word ? We are certain all you makeup-junkies may have heard of it and even tried it on more than just one occasion. For those, who still don’t know what tightlining means, in other words, it is called invisible eyeliner. It is an eyeliner technique, which includes lining your upper waterline that helps to give an illusion of thicker and fuller eyelashes. It is arguably one of the most genius and easiest eye makeup tricks out there, which not only helps to enhance your eyes but also amps up your eye makeup. Although acing this eyeliner technique may look a bit complicated at first, especially if you are new to this whole thing, however, it is not as tricky as it is perceived. Experts being experts, they might already know how tightlining is done, but if you happen to be new to this thing, you have stumbled upon the right place.
Tightlining is one of the greatest eye makeup tricks of all time, it can do wonders for your eyes when done the right way. Listed below are a few useful tips that will help you to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Be very attentive towards your eyelashes


When you apply eyeliner on the upper lid, try keeping the eyeliner as close to the roots of your lashes as you can. Doing so won’t only help you to subtly define your eyes, but it will also make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller.

Pick a waterproof formula

In the process of tightlining your eyes, they might get a little watery, and you certainly wouldn’t want to ruin your makeup. Therefore, always pick a waterproof formula so that your teary eyes don’t ruin your makeup game. Other than that, using a waterproof product will also ensure that your tight line stays in place throughout the day, no matter how watery your eyes get.

Choose gel eyeliner

When it comes to picking the formula for tightlining, you should try sticking to gel eyeliner, especially if you are a beginner. Gel eyeliners are relatively much easier to use than other formulas, such as liquid eyeliners. Using a gel formula not only eliminates the chances of your tightline spreading out, but it’s also pretty convenient to use. Liquid eyeliner can be a bit tricky to work with, and just because you see others using this formula to tightline their eyes, doesn’t mean you have to choose the same path. Leave the liquid eyeliner to the experts at least until you get the perfect hang of tightlining.

Don’t forget to curl your lashes

While mascara does help to make your eyes look bigger and wide, the results aren’t exactly the same without curling the lashes. One of the best ways to open up your eyes and make them look captivating is curling your lashes using an eyelash curler. Besides making you look wide awake, it will also help to maximize the tightline effect. Also, don’t forget to coat your lashes with mascara or else everything will look a bit incomplete.

Take care of your lashes

Your eyelashes are extremely delicate, one wrong move, and it can cost you some lashes of yours. With your lashes already provably scanty, you wouldn’t want to make any mistake, therefore, it’s imperative that you take extra care of your lashes, especially when you are planning to tightline your eyes. Tightlining doesn’t really go well with your precious lashes, it can make them fall out, and the best way to prevent it from happening is by applying some castor oil to your lashes before you hit the sheets. This will make sure that your lashes remain healthy.

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