If you love makeup, then you are truly a fashion diva. One of the best things you can gift your face is makeup and it should be as flawless as the sky. With the right products in your vanity kit, you can pull off the most radiant makeup and become the star of the party. We have jotted down some of the most unavoidable vanity kit essentials that must be added to your bag. Have them as a part of your kit right away because they are totally worth the effort.

A high-coverage foundation, of course!

The foremost thing you need to keep in your vanity is a foundation. Foundation is nothing but a high coverage cream that has the ability to make your skin look toned and smooth. We won’t say beautiful because no cream in the world can do that. Reality check! But there is no doubt about the fact that it does add a smooth texture to your skin tone and makes you look flawless. With the right shade of foundation, you can make your world turn around. Each and every look of yours will look radiant and pretty. This foundation must be picked in a high-quality brand because a low-quality brand will just form patches on your skin. Look out for a shade exactly the same as your skin tone and build it slowly on your skin.

A light shade concealer

Another thing that deserves the foremost place in your vanity is a concealer. And the reason we have mentioned a light shade concealer is that it is supposed to highlight your key areas like under-eye area, bridge of your nose or the chin. This is imperative because when we smile, these areas pop up and come out in full view. So, if you apply a concealer to your skin, it will add to the look and make your face look much brighter. It is always recommended to choose a foundation of the same shade as your skin and a concealer of a shade lighter than your skin. In case you are using a corrector first, then use a concealer of the same shade over the corrector. And then use a light shade concealer on top of it. This flawless look will definitely be a go-to makeup look for you!

Translucent Setting Powder

The quickest way to set your makeup is to use a setting powder that is translucent in nature. This powder has a lot of benefits and is used to set that high-coverage makeup that you have done for yourself. With the right products, you can do wonders with your makeup. The thing is that dusting a little bit of this translucent powder will make your makeup set and stay intact for a longer period. The reason is that most of us have oily skin and this oil starts to pop up after an hour or so. In that case, a translucent powder is definitely going to help. It will control the visibility of excess oil and make sure that you appear flawless even after a few hours. Apply foundation on your face, conceal and then use this setting powder for pulling off the perfect makeup look.

Lipstick- Dark and nude both!

Lipsticks are something we cannot live without. No matter what colors you pick, all of them look flattering. You should add a couple of lipsticks to your collection and use them with different outfits. But the two most recommended lipsticks are a dark shade and a nude shade. Everything in between is okay but these two are a must. This is because a dark lipstick works best for a night party or a cocktail event with fancy dresses and a nude lipstick works best with day dresses. There are so many things you can do with lipsticks. Use it as a corrector, a blush or even an eyeshadow. Multipurpose! Pick this one vanity essential and you are done with half of your makeup already! Gloss, tint and matte lipsticks are the options you can explore and choose accordingly.

Eye makeup products, for drama!

Lastly, after all, your base is applied and set, you need to work on your eyes. Eyes have a language of their own and thus, need to look pretty all the time. You have concealed them but you haven’t added drama to your eyes. With the right products, you can. Eye makeup products include eye shadow, eyeliners, mascara, glitters and a lot more! All these things are actually so essential that one cannot afford to step out without these makeup items. If you are also looking forward to flawless eye makeup, then add these to your vanity. You won’t have to step into a salon anytime soon then!


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