Curating the perfect look while traveling can be tricky because airports are not that glamorous. Most of the people tend to forget the line between casual and overdressed when it comes to airport looks. You need something that is casual but chic, stylish but minimal. These factors are imperative and thus, you need to add some stunning picks from your wardrobe to curate the perfect look for the airport. We have enlisted some of the best chic and comfortable attires that add an edge to your look. Pick these for your next travel and slay your way!

Longline Cardigans

If you are looking for the perfect airport look that is just the right thing to wear; nothing less, nothing more, then this is the apt choice. Traveling calls for something that is comfortable and easy to wear. You need to be at the utmost comfort while traveling because there is already so much fatigue and you don’t want to double it with gaudy clothes. A longline cardigan is perfect for the airport and it makes you look casual, carefree and chic style. There are so many cardigans to choose from but this longline cardigan will solve all your problems. All you have to do is pair this one with a plain tee and denim, wear your white sneakers and you are all set to go. This will be the most comfortable and chic attire ever.

Track pants

Athleisure clothing is always a great idea to dress in a chic style. This is because athleisure is not limited to the gym or exercising alone, it has become an important wardrobe staple today. No matter what anyone says, you have full freedom to flaunt this style beyond the gym. If you are looking for an apt airport look, try adding something from your athleisure collection to the outfit. What could be better than wearing your track pants? They are comfortable, stylish and make you feel pumped up the entire day! Track pants come in various styles like tights and joggers so you can pick anything that you like and flaunt this style with your casual or graphic tees. Wear boots along and pull off the perfect airport look.

Moto jacket

One of the most stylish picks ever is this moto jacket. The thing is that while you are styling any kind of attire; if you carry an overcoat or a jacket along with it, it always makes you feel complete. This trick is actually very useful and will curate the perfect airport look for you. This will showcase the perfect chic style wherever you go. A moto jacket is basically a motorbike jacket and is tailored in leather fabric. Because of this feature, there is a lot of difference in its appearance. With a short-waisted cut and too many zippers, it looks absolutely badass. You can pair it up with your high waist jeans or shorts and sneakers along to showcase a bold and fierce look. If nothing else works, this definitely will.

A belted tunic

A belted tunic is another wardrobe staple not just for the airport but for any other place as well. Whether you are going to your workplace or for a casual lunch or for your meetings, this outfit will be your savior everywhere. When we talk about an airport look, we actually mean picking something that is chic, classy and comfortable. These three C’s in one outfit are hard to find but this one satisfies all these parameters. This belted tunic has a unique appeal and looks stunning always. Your legs have enough space to breathe and you can always pair this one with sneakers and curate a casual look. If it was someplace else, then you could have worn pumps with this attire to create a formal look. Wear this one, carry a fancy handbag and you are all set!

Sunglasses and oversized scarf

Accessories are a must no matter where you go. You must always add a dash of accessories to your outfit and wait for it to cast its magic. If you believe us, you should know that some accessories have a unique appeal to them. If you wear them with no makeup on or without much dressing, then also they look stunning. They add an oomph factor to your outfit and that’s how you know, you are slaying it. Never forget to pick sunglasses whenever you are getting ready for your travel. They add a stunning look to your outfit. Also, pick an oversized scarf and pair it up with your regular pullovers. This oversized scarf comes in a blanket-like fabric which is a perfect go-to for your airport look.

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