Whether heading to the gym for the first time or been a regular gymgoer, you would always want to make sure you are carrying all the right and essential things in your gym bag. There are various things you definitely cannot miss out on before heading for a workout. From gym clothes to body wipes, every piece holds a different importance and comes really handy after those sweaty and tedious workout sessions. No matter, if you are coming straight from work or from your house, you should always carry these things for your own good.

We have listed a few essentials that you would want to carry in your gym bag.

Gym clothes

First things first, you certainly cannot miss out on your gym clothes because there can be no workout without them. Always carry decent workout clothes that are comfortable and allows easy movement of your body. This is especially for people who go to the gym straight from their office and don’t have the time to head back to home to change into workout clothes. It can include a comfy stretchable legging and a nice outerwear to carry over your bra or sports bra if you don’t feel like exposing your skin.

Sports bra

Your gym attire cannot feel complete without having your sports bra on. You would need something supportive that can hold onto your breasts firmly and all pushed up. Just like your workout clothes your sports bra should also feel comfy and should provide good support to your breast at the same time. You wouldn’t want to rely upon your regular bras or ill-fitted bras as it may leave your breast all saggy and can also cause you discomfort such as straining on muscles and back pain, which we know you wouldn’t want to happen. So always carry a nice sports bra in your gym bag.

Trainer Shoes

Can there be any workout without gym trainers? No, right? And that is why you should always own a nice and comfy pair of gym trainers for your workout. This is one of the most essential things to carry in your bag as it keeps your feet protected from any kind of gym hazard and also makes exercising a bit easier and smooth. But make sure to first put them in a separate bag and then add it to your gym bag for hygienic reasons. You can also carry flip flops in your bag so that you can switch your shoes with them after working out.


Sweating is something we can’t stop from happening after doing an intense workout and for that, you will need a hand towel to soak in all the sweat from your body. Nobody likes using a workout machine or equipment that is drenched with sweat. So it’s always a good habit to carry a hand towel with yourself, no matter how much you sweat. You can also choose to carry a bath towel in your bag if you plan on taking a shower in the gym itself.

Water bottle

And how can we forget a water bottle? No, we definitely can’t. You probably can do without anything but not water. After doing an intense workout one would need all the hydration they can get. And it’s extremely important to carry a water bottle in your gym bag in order to stay hydrated because you are going to lose out on a lot of water in the form of sweating. Make sure to carry a big water bottle so that you don’t run out of water very shortly.

Body wipes

Body wipes come really handy when you are in haste. There are times when you are running late and don’t have time to take a shower and this when body wipes come to use. They are the best temporary solution during such circumstances. You can easily wipe them on your skin and you will be good to go for a few hours.

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