What Can Make You Look Attractive While You Are On Video Call?

What Can Make You Look Attractive While You Are On Video Call?

Work from home phase is becoming a hobby more than something we do we meet ends. Well, some of us had our fun in the beginning but we are certainly missing our office interactions. Something we can say for sure is that things aren’t going anywhere better for most of us; so, we need to change what we had been expecting and do our part as honestly as we can. So, we will need to incorporate certain tools in our lives to be perceived the way we want. We need to grow on a personal front and look attractive to cheers ourselves, as well as, the person we have been talking to. So, let’s get to how you can make this difference.


Even if you have been going to the office with a messy hairdo, you shouldn’t be doing that while you are working from home. The reason behind is, while you were in the office your outfit use to make it clear that you are in a professional surrounding; although, while you are working from home you are in a completely different atmosphere. The things which were neglected earlier that are going to be looked upon. So, in order to look professional on a video call, it is important for you to maintain your looks. You need to look tidy and neat. Since much of your body wouldn’t be seen in a video conference you need to make sure what is visible is looking good. So, you need not style your hair just comb them and leave them open. It will do the work.


The next thing after your hair, is your face. It will be the next thing which would be visible to your boss or your colleagues. You need to look put-together. So you will need to wash your face regularly once in the morning and once during the night. Besides, it’s time you learn about your skin and give it the attention it needs. Apart from that, it wouldn’t be a lesser ideal for you to get ready for a conference call. If you have applied a liner or some lipstick, it will let you be perceived as someone who is ready, not someone who is lazy sitting on the table during this time doing work. Make yourself seen as you would have wanted when you were heading for the office. Be particular with your work and ready for a conference always.


There is an energy flow when you are talking to someone. Have you felt the energy that you have been sharing with your colleagues? Is it a match of your energy during the office days? Well, if you find it is the same then you certainly don’t have to work on it. However, if you feel that there is a lack of energy and positivity in your talk with your colleagues then it is the right time to make a change. Be enthusiastic and share what’s going on in your life. Not only the things that are happening negative but what are the positive signs of staying home and what you are doing besides the office work. It will make you stay on track and appreciate what’s happening around you.


Now, will taking a conference call we make certain gestures and doing some gestures just with the face without using hands is not possible. So, you got to keep your hands in shape. Not only you got to keep them clean but you need to see that if you have applied nail paint then, it is intact. Chipped nails or nail paints don’t make you look attractive. It is more of a sign of negligence. When you can and should be taking care of what’s happening of you and your physic. Of course, you are avoiding getting a manicure done, but that’s no excuse for keeping nails in shape. We have a nail cutter at home. So if you find it difficult taking care of the nails then you can cut the extra nails, and keep them small.

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