What Is Dry Brushing And What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Dry Brushing And What Are Its Benefits?

There are several body tonics, serums oils, and massages that promise you glowing health body but did you know dry brush can do that for you. All you need is to have the body glow, get rid of cellulite, and body stretch-mark is this dry brush. You can just grab this brush and use it on your body in an upward direction to remove the dead skin and have the natural smooth nontextured skin. So let’s put some light on these in detail on how these help your body and what should not be done with this brush.
Before we begin let’s learn the scientific aspect of the dry brush;
An organic dry brush is used on bare skin without putting any moisturizers on the body and when we rub it gentling on our skin it helps with the stimulation process of the lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system has blood flowing in the upward direction when we use this brush in the same direction it helps in better blood-flow, meanwhile removing the toxins and dead skin from our body.

Healthy Skin

It definitely helps you have healthier skin. It has been a proven fact that it helps you detoxify the body just by rubbing it on your body upside. You will be surprised to know that this technique isn’t something new, it has been practiced by many women and men around the country. There are several people who have been using this product for more than a decade and have found better skin. Thus using this product you will find that your skin is the health and safety of the outside bacteria.

Removal of Unwanted Toxins



If you observe the texture of this brush it isn’t something sharp but the brush teeth are edgy. You can feel irritation on the skin, if you apply, more than usual pressure. It can turn out to be red while the first few use. There is nothing that you need to be scared off you can rub it in a circular motion in your lymphatic area, and the rest of the part you need to just move in an upward direction. This seems difficult in the beginning but once you get used to it, you will feel easy. It removes the toxin your skin has absorbed after you have taken a bath.

Exfoliate the Dead Skin

When you run this sort of harsh brush on your skin, your skin sheds off its dead skin cells. The skin can shed much in the first two washes but slowly you will get lesser dead skin. Now, you don’t have to apply any moisturizer on your skin before using this. If you are beginning to use it for the first time it is recommended that you do it once in a week, and later when with the use your brush has become soft you can use it on regular basis. Since the brush bristle are made with natural fiber, they become soft over time. Not irritating your skin more than usual.

Production of New Skin Cells

Once the exfoliated is completed your skin has shed the dead cells, it will begin to produce new skin cells which will be all shiny and glow. Therefore when the dirty toxin and the dead skin are removed completely you will feel your skin to be texture free and no lumps. Sometimes your body may shed often dead skin but that will happen in the case you have a dry body and your skin is flaky during the winters. Therefore you need to do this practice regularly if you suffer from dry skin and then apply the moisturizer so that it reaches deep into your body.
When you need to take bath before the dry brush or after the dry brush is a frequently asked question. You need to take a bath after dry brush and once done make sure you apply a rich Vitamin A and C lotion on your body. There is no proven fact that it cures cellulite but if you have a light bump then it can cure it for sure.

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