When you are going for your interview, the first thing you want to do is cast a great impression on the person. This has a lot of effect on your selection and thus, it is imperative to keep some points in your mind. While dressing up for your interview, there are certain parameters that must be followed no matter what. Putting in an extra effort in the first meeting will pay off in the long run. So, have a look at the following points where we have listed some of the things that you should never wear for an interview. Good luck!

Flashy Colors

An interview accounts for a formal meeting and that’s why one should never wear bright and flashy colors for that meeting. This is because bright colors come outrightly in the face and look too much over the top. You are easily noticeable and it just looks overdressed. For an interview, one must always dress up in subtle and neutral clothes. Pick neutral colors and do not wear inappropriate dresses because that will make the situation worse. One should always be mindful while choosing the right type of clothing and color scheme for an interview because this is your first impression and it should be a great one. Pick less dramatic colors and stay mainstream for an interview. This will be a safe option and will also save you from any kind of embarrassment.

Too much Cologne

Since an interview is a formal meeting, it is advised to keep your cologne minimal. Some people have a habit of fizzing in too much perfume. This is the worst thing to do for an interview. While going for parties, this will still be an acceptable thing to do but for an interview, you are certainly mistaken big time. If you continue doing this, it will make you look like a fashion parade and worsen your impression. You don’t want to leave your interviewer all sneezing and coughing. So, go easy on your cologne and put just the required and reasonable amount of perfume. On the other hand, you should try carrying pocket perfume. They have minimal fragrance and make you smell good for a longer time. You could also use something in florals because they have a sweet aura. Avoid strong fragrances.

Cakey Makeup

Always analyze the occasion or event you are going to. Not every place is meant to be dressed all flashy and gaudy. Sometimes we have to keep it minimal according to the place we are going to. An interview is one such place where you have to be at your subtle self. No matter what level of designation you are interviewing for, you should never pose yourself with too much makeup. This one is a big turn off. It looks like you are more interested in showbiz than some actual productive work. So, remember to keep your makeup serene and minimalistic. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put any kind of makeup on your face. It just means do as much required and nothing more.

Loud accessories

Accessories have become an important part of our attires and we cannot skip them. They make the outfit look more polished and refined so, it is always advised to add some accessories to your look. But adding too much of them and creating a loud and bold look is not admired. They should always be paired with the right outfit in the right amount. Overdoing it can be a game-changer in a negative way. Women should avoid excess jewelry like extravagant hoops and flashy rings and earrings. Instead of such over-hyped accessories, pick sleek jewelry with minimal color. Try going for classic studs and single-chain necklines. Anything that is dazzling must be avoided for an interview.

Plunging necklines

The worst thing you can wear for an interview is wear plunging necklines. Such necklines are too much low-cut and show off a lot of skin. This looks off and makes the other person uncomfortable. You obviously don’t want to do that so it is advised to go for covered necklines as well as zero body show-off. This is one of the parameters for judging a person and has the ability to make or break your game. Avoid wearing short hemlines and low-cut necklines to make a good first impression. If nothing else works, this will. It will give an impression of your elegant and sophisticated side. Make sure you pick subtle colors, sophisticated dresses, minimal accessories with light makeup. A perfect interview outfit- there it is!

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