Working 5 days a week and leading a monotonous life, each one of us wishes and waits for a holiday to come by and escape from the ordinary to a far off place even if it’s just for the weekend. Planning for days and finally getting to actually pack your bags and travel is pure bliss, you bet! With sleepless nights and insomnia hovering over you because of the excitement it contains, it’s really hard to concentrate and plan the essentials one needs on a short trip like this. One tends to pile up a lot of outfits, accessories, eatables, gadgets that might not be required in the first place and would just end up being a burden on yourself. So all you need to do is pack a few transitional pieces that can easily take you from day to night and can easily be mix-matched so that you have a new look for each day.

With our cardinal rule of packing, you will find prepping for your next getaway a lot more easy and convenient. It’s not exact science to just pick three bottoms and five top wear but actually depends where you’re going, what weather conditions and of course your personal style.

  • A COMPACT BAG- First things first. To pack all your essentials in one you need to look for the right bag that is not itself a task to carry but actually makes a good amount of space for your things. It should be compact enough to not carry a lot of space in your car but also has a substantial amount of storage. You would want to bring a carry-on-friendly accommodating bag which is spacious, portable and of course trendy. You could choose from a variety of designs in backpacks and relieve the stress to carry the handle ones.

  • TOILETRIES- With all the planning, exploring, lounging, trekking, you would not want your skin to suffer in the fun. Always remember to pack a sunscreen with a good amount of spf, a cleanser and high coverage moisturizer no matter how long or short is the trip. One needs to pay extra care to the skin when on a trip because of the weather conditions, sheets on the bed and oily foods that might harm you skin. Also carry a multi-utility bag for shampoo, conditioners, deodorant, body wash etc.

  • ULTRA COMFY PANTS- comfort and style comes with the way you carry yourself so it doesn’t matter whether you wear- jeans or joggers. It’s all a matter of carrying your outfit the right way. Carry along your classic bottoms that can go with everything and are good enough to be worn on a trek or a lunch outing. Do not carry more than three bottoms and always remember to wear the same pants while travelling. This trick will ease up your space for other things in the bag.

  • TWO PAIRS OF SHOES- with the right shoes, you can conquer the world. But right now you need to live through his trip and for that, you need the right pair of sneakers to walk around all day and also one evening shoe for a formal outing to a pub or restaurant. Never carry more than two pairs because you’re never going to wear them believe it! Just be good to go with one comfortable sneakers and one dressy pair.

  • PORTABLE CHARGER AND GADGETS- When on a trip, nobody has the time to plug in the phone and wait for it to charge for hours. You don’t want to waste your time doing this so you definitely need a lipstick sized portable charger on the run. Make sure you charge the charger beforehand so it doesn’t trouble you one the journey. Portable chargers can go for about a day and a half with battery life. Carry your camera and earphones too for contingency situations.

  • MEDICINES- It’s never a bad idea to prepare yourself for the worst consequences beforehand. Always carry a first aid bag for your medicines and other supplements like vitamins, crocin, bandage, dettol. With the change in weather and other factors, you might need these and it’s always advisable to be doubly sure that nothing goes wrong on a trip and even if it does, you have everything in your backpack.

  • MAP/GPS- if you decide to go on a road trip to a whole new place, you don’t want to get lost on the way and look for local help thus wasting your limited time of the weekend. With Maps and gps you make sure to find the quicker road to your destination. Just enter your starting point and destination and there you are- following navigation to see all the cool stuff around you!

Lastly, all your accessories like sunglasses, travel wallet and all important documents need to be packed tactfully so that you don’t lose them on the way. Remember to pack in the most travel-friendly way possible that also makes you feel at your best and won’t hold you back from adventure.

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