What to wear At a Weekend Trip to Mountains

What to wear At a Weekend Trip to Mountains

Heading to the mountains this weekend and wondering what to wear on your weekend trip to the mountains? We have got you covered.
Weekend calls for unwinding our week’s stresses and to dress the way we want. And nothing would be better to unwind in the mountains. Weekends definitely owe to a mountain trip and if you have decided to hop on towards the mountains we want you to be styled in the best for the candid shots and perfect selfies.
Well, a weekend trip is a short itinerary to the nearby places and is quite tricky when it comes to what to carry and wear. But, in the feed, we’ll help you solve your dressing problems. We all wish to carry and wear everything we have on our trips but that’s not possible. So, we have picked the essential wardrobe pieces that could be universally found in any winter closet. So, you will not have to splurge.
We have complied 4 different outfits that you can pick from and wear in your short weekend itinerary. Stay tuned!

Pullover, Trousers, and Sneakers

If you want to stay low-key on your weekend trip but still want to look chic, this combination would be a great pick. Nothing could be best to wear something comfortable when you head for a trip. The trousers loose-fit will be a great pick to drape in a rocker urban style and pullover is basic yet creates a perfect casual quirky statement look when put together with a trouser. Even if you suddenly plan to trek the mountains this is the appropriate combination that will help you trek smoothly.
To finish the look don’t forget to put your sneakers on! We are sure you’ll slay in the look.

Long Puffer Jacket, Leggings, and Ankle-Boots

Winter and no-look with a puffer jacket is that even possible? We don’t think so your travel outfit look-book is complete without including a puffer jacket- puffer jacket is a hero of your winter wardrobe that no matter how many times you wear you still look for that. As you hit high altitudes the air becomes thinner and colder so a puffer jacket will keep you warm, and stylish on the same hand.
A pair of warm leggings would be a comfortable yet warm pick and don’t forget to throw your ankle-boots that are a winter must-have and will elevate your look a notch up.

Leather Jacket, Denim, and Boots

Add warmth and fashion edge to your basic pair of denim on this weekend trip by throwing a leather jacket on! Leather jackets reflect a perfect sporty and adventurous vibe and your mountain trip is an adventure quest. For a confidently stylish look, you can wear turtle- neck top beneath that will amp up your style game and on the same hand will keep you warm throughout.
If you want to spice up the look don’t forget to wear long boots with this sizzling combination.

Long Down Jacket, Leggings, and Gum Boots

Hitting to high altitudes calls for goofing around with long down jackets and gum-boots. The long down jacket will protect you from the cold so that when you get back to the mundane lifestyle you don’t catch a cold. The long down jacket will keep you warm and would be a lightweight pick so you won’t feel as if you’re wearing something heavy.
Leggings will just lift the overall look and gum-boots would be a great addition to this warm and fashionable look.

So, here were a few looks that you can wear to your next weekend trip to the mountains. We hope the feed would turn out to be a great help!

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