What’s causing Your Pores to Become wider and wider?

What’s causing Your Pores to Become wider and wider?

Having oily or dry skin can really be frustrating especially for the face region. Due to this your face skin either produces so much of oil or not produces oil at all. Studies have shown how these skin types are prone to blackheads or breakouts, which when not cured at the right time develops and makes your skin porous. Now naturally, your blemishes or breakouts will heal but sometimes the pore remains open or it turns up wider than before. What is causing it to widen? This is the question that makes us worry, and today we have planned to offer you some of these supportive answers.

Excessive Blotting

Blotting paper was invented to help the oily skin people remove the excess oil from their faces. However, when you use too much of blotting paper on your face, you are giving your skin permission to produce more and more oil. This will not only produce more oil but sebum as well, which will clog the pore leading to breakouts. Blotting once or maximum twice in a day is enough. However frequent bloating makes it worse for the skin. Moreover, when you are out in the sun bloating the biggest mistake as the dirt will further move inside your skin. Using tissue is also done by us at certain times, this is again wrong when done excessively.

Pores Extraction

When we try to burst the pore which doesn’t really ripen the dirt or the particle present in the pore moves further below the skin. This will cause your skin to have a worse pore than before. The particle will grow more and mix with the skin produced oil as well as other particles, making it way messier than before. One must never ever try to burst their pore on their own. Even while using an extractor, you should not push deep into the face. Just move it on the surface, if it is ready to come out it will. Don’t apply force this will lead to damaging some of the sensitive tissues present in the skin.

Not Moisturizing

This step applies to the oily skin only as dry skin cannot leave their skin without any moisturizer. It is very important to moisturize the skin even when you are aware of the fact that your skin has oils that will moisturize the skin. But when you leave your skin dry and leave on it to produce oil. It creates oil in a huge amount which is sent directly to the upper surface. However, if you apply moisturizer, a gel-based or hydrating water-based moisturizer on the skin then your skin will be hydrated and no oil will be reflected on the surface. Just take a drop or maximum two and spread it on the skin.


We all the habit of carrying the powder in our make-up kit or purses to the office so that whenever we see the shiny surface on the skin we just grab the powder and pat it to the area. This is so wrong especially when you were on a field trip. Because when you go for a field trip you have sweat and oil both on your face. This is a deadly combination. This needs to be removed before you powder your T-zone. You can use a tone or cleansing water to remove the dust from the region rather than working directly with the powder making the particles stick underneath leaving opportunities for more blemishes and breakouts.


We know how certain packaging says daily use scrub and cleansing milk. Believe me, your face doesn’t need it on a regular basis at all. Your body is intelligent enough to make the right decisions. Thus, when you over-exfoliate your pores don’t get time to reduce. You clean them every day and they become wider each passing day. This will leave you helpless make you clean the pores regularly if they turn permanent. Once in a week for winter and once in three days for humid summers is the ideal way.

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