Why you must use a base coat during your at-home manicure session

Why you must use a base coat during your at-home manicure session

A nicely done manicure can make your hands looks prettier in no time. And since we have been avoiding going out or booking appointments at the salon, we have pretty much gotten used to the idea of doing things on our own, including a manicure. A manicure does require a little bit of patience, which happens to be missing in most of us, but if you are looking to get a salon-like manicure at home, you must do things in the right way. The key to making your manicure last longer is following a step-by-step process. Skipping the steps and directly applying nail polish isn’t exactly the right way to give yourself a nice manicure. All those girls, who directly jump onto applying nail polish and then complains of their at-home manicure chipping away quickly, it’s time you learn where you are going wrong. Of all the products you need to do a manicure, a base coat is one of the most vital ones, and skipping it is certainly one of the biggest mistakes to commit. The next time you plan to give yourself a manicure, remind yourself of these reasons that are listed below and include a base coat for your next manicure session.

Ensures that your manicure last longer

One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t skip applying base coat is it influences the staying power of your manicure. Using a base coat during your at-home manicure session makes a lot of difference, and it’s time you know that. Base coats are known to be packed with cellulose, and this compound allows the base coat to stick to your nails amazingly, which makes it easier for your nail polish to adhere to the base coat, and this automatically makes your manicure long-lasting.

Strengthens your nails

Another amazing advantage of using a base coat during your next manicure session is its ability to help strengthen your nails. Other than cellulose, base coats are also known to contain several nourishing ingredients, including vitamin E and calcium. They are known to penetrate deeper into your nails, which further helps to condition and nourish them.

Prevents nail discoloration

Do your nails appear yellow to you? Chances are your nails have gotten stained because of the chemical reaction that took place between the top enamel of your nail and the nail polish. It is quite a common issue amongst those who wear nail polish daily or prefer wearing dark colors that leave the nails stained. Therefore, the next time you have to wear nail polish, make sure to apply a base coat to your nails as it acts as a protective layer and prevents nail discoloration.

Base coats are multitasker

Besides helping you get an amazing manicure and making it long-lasting, base coats can serve several other purposes as well. Each base coat is formulated keeping certain nail concerns in mind. No matter what problem you’re facing with your nails, these base coats have got you all covered. For instance, if you have got weak and brittle nails, you can look for base coats with strengthening formula, similarly, for stained nails, you can opt for a brightening base coat.

Gives you a smoother and streak-free application

No matter how careful you are with the application of your nail polish, some streaks are always left behind in the process, and that doesn’t look very appealing. However, you can certainly avoid that from happening by using a base coat before applying the nail polish. A base coat makes it easier for the nail polish to glide on your nails very smoothly, it tends to fill in the ridges, and that automatically makes things easier and nail polish application smoother and streak-free.

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