If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will bring a big change to your look, you’re at the right place. Hairstyles vary so much in their structure that you just can’t choose one, nor can you have all of them. Cutting your hair short or in a unique style is a big risk because most of us come out of a salon regretting our decision most of the time. This is because they just won’t go with our face type and we end up looking like a clown. But fashion is irresistible whether it’s clothing, footwear or hairstyles. We want the perfect pick in every category. So here we are with the most trendy hairstyle of all times that will alter your looks in no time-BANGS! What’s great about these bangs is that they look good on just about anyone. Depending on the size of the forehead, these can be cut short, kept long, side bangs and layered bangs to name a few.

If you’re one of those bold chics who love experimenting with her styles and are always ready for some new adventure, we have every type of bangs style listed for you. Read on! 


Classic wispy bangs are the most famous and widely seen bangs. The good thing about these bangs is that they suit every face type because they are just so convenient and easy to flaunt. These are slightly parted from midway down. The style of these bangs is that they are very thick and voluminous at the roots but softy split into feathers as they move down towards the end. The feathered look gives it a very light fall and bounce. Classic wispy bangs are usually cut at the eyebrows and overlap them. Girls with long as well as short hair can easily carry this look.


For those broad forehead women or the ones with long face, these long wispy bangs will be perfect to cover those areas for you. Long bangs cover most part of your forehead showing little skin which looks really cute. With this feature, the face tends to look smaller because a large portion is covered with the bangs. Thus all the attention is drawn to your beautiful facial features and jaw line. This one really balances out your face cut and features so you can and gives a sharp look. You can also swipe them on one side and accentuate the jaw line. Flawless French bangs will be something you always wanted!


Side bangs itself sounds so chic style. This is for everyone who has a petite face with minimal cheeks. Instead of styling bangs in small sections, with this look you just need to part the bangs down from the centre with the end of your comb. This will create an inverted V style look on the forehead. It gives an illusion of sharp features and also looks really stylish. With the split in the centre, these feathered bangs form subtle layers on each side and look very polished. You yourself feel very cool flaunting these on a sunny Sunday brunch.


Messy hair always slays! It’s hard to believe how this trend came into fashion but messy is the new cool; even if it’s your clothes! Amidst all this, how could hair lack behind? Messy hair is the new rage right now for sure. There’s no extra effort you need to put to get this look straight. All you have to do is tousle your bangs with your fingers and there you have a very effortless stunning new look. Messy hair look very casual and cute and so do the bangs. They work with anything-floral dresses, casual tees; just name it!


If you have a small forehead but still crave for the bangs hairstyle, yes you can and how! Blunt bangs are cut just above the eyebrows so they look very neat. They give a very sleek refined look to the face and perfect for those with small faces or foreheads. Since they are cut just above the eyebrows and look tight together as one unit, they make your face and jaw line look broad and hefty (if you want that). These look great on girls with pointed features. You can also leave the front of the bangs blunt and the side hair a little longer than them, thus giving an inverted U look to the entire face. These side long bangs could also be curled to create romantic bangs.

So clearly, there is a lot of mix match here as well 😉 wispy bangs are a godsend and we’re on board! They can transform any hairstyle so don’t pass on them!

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