Besides our makeup, our outfit can possibly be the only thing that can make us feel pretty good about ourselves. Especially when it comes to work outfit; choosing the right option is extremely important as believe us or not, but the way we dress up greatly influences the way we feel and appear. While there are some days where you don’t feel like dressing up in an extraordinary way and sometimes, there are days where you feel like a superhero who is ready to conquer the world. When you have the right confidence in you, no one can stop you from conquering the world and that confidence can easily be acquired by wearing the right pair of an outfit. Slipping into the outfits that can make you feel powerful in a go is an easy and effective fix. When you have the right outfit on, no matter what life throws at you, your powerful look can make everything a lot easier. We have rounded up a list of outfits that screams nothing but power, take a look at them and then decide on what pair of outfit you are going to wear the next day of your work.

A well-fitted blazer

Nothing looks as professional and powerful than a well-fitted blazer. It oozes confidence and power in abundance that can make any women feel like she’s ready to take over the world. And for that reason, it’s a wardrobe staple for every woman. Having it on can give any woman a boss-lady like feeling. Throw it over your blouse and pants or over your elegant dress; either way, it is going to look super chic and classy. You can opt for it in any color, but choosing colors that are bright and fierce can make for an excellent choice such as red color, which FYI you can also carry with jeans, top and a pair of heels if you are heading straight away to a party.

Little black dress/LBD

And can we ever go wrong with this amazing outfit? Absolutely, no. Be it a party, formal event, or any other occasion, we can safely rely on this one piece for all such days. Black is the color that means nothing but business. It is certainly a bold color that is very hard to ignore. And for these obvious reasons, this timeless and classic LBD is another must-have clothing piece in every woman’s wardrobe. Working this outfit to your office can make you feel confident and bold in no time and that too, with minimal efforts. You can further elevate the look of your outfit by wearing sexy pumps with it. Also, don’t forget to apply that red lipstick to your pout.


A jumpsuit is the most effortless way of wearing something that not only feels stunning but also gives your appearance some edge. And with jumpsuits, you wouldn’t need to put any effort to create an outfit, which is what makes them a fuss-free clothing piece. For a lady-like and powerful appearance, opt for striped and bold pieces. You can also choose to go with some fun patterns to up the style quotient. Carry it with a stunning pair of heels and minimal accessories, and voila, you will be all set to rock the day.

High waisted skirt

Much like many other pieces, a high waisted skirt is also a wardrobe staple for every woman. If you are looking for an outfit that has all the right elements to it, look no further than a high waisted skirt. It can easily be dressed up or dresses down, depending on the need of the hour and the occasion. You can pair it up with a vintage t-shirt for a casual and relaxed look, or you can choose to wear it with an elegant blouse for a chic and classy look, which will be more office-friendly.

Plaid pants

Pants have always come under the category of clothes that gives in very bossy and powerful appearance. And adding on to that is a plaid pattern that has always remained in style. For a bold look, opt for plaid in green or mustard color, or you can choose to go the subtle way by opting for dark hues such as navy and burgundy. No matter what style you are rooting for, once you have slipped into this style of pants, you yourself will notice how it has boosted your confidence level in the right way.

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