Fashion has never been more accessible virtually than it has become in today’s era. This industry has sustained despite all odds and come out even more glamorous. Fashion is not about being dressed alone, it has become your identification, your style quotient. It’s not just what you wear but how you wear and more importantly, when. You have the ability to walk in and make a fashion statement.

Our team puts all the effort into searching and displaying the right apparel for your body type and what-when-where for all seasons. All these tips are divided and described in sub-categories like ‘Fashion and events’, ‘Styling and Accessorize’ for your convenience. With our trendy display of clothing in sophistication and chic style, you’re sure to pick the right genre for yourself and be up-to-date.

To aid you in styling and picking gallant desired pieces of all times, we, at the My Lavender Girl, spend hours to connect you with the right costumes from around the world in your favorite designer labels. Our aim is to assist your decision in dressing in the most quintessential pieces every season and flaunt that style effortlessly.

Be ready to indulge yourself in this crazy vogue!