Amazing ways to use white eyeliner

Amazing ways to use white eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliner, we girls always somehow find a way to use black eyeliner which of course looks very classic when used to create cat-eye look or smudged out eyeliner but it’s time that we expand our horizons and look for other options that can look equally good and help you create some of the chicest looks of all time. And since we are talking about eyeliner, we should start to broaden the scope from this product itself. You may have heard a lot about white eyeliner like how it can be used to make your eyes look bigger or the tired ones, wide awake. Nobody knew about white eyeliners until now, and now that people are getting more familiar with its surprising uses, it is being incorporated by many women in their makeup kit.
No matter your skin tone, this white eyeliner can be used in so many amazing ways and can make a significant difference in the way your eyes look. Don’t believe us? Read through the article and discover all the fabulous things white eyeliner can do for you.

Line your waterline

The simplest and the most basic use of this white eyeliner is to line your waterline and it actually works wonders for your eyes for several reasons. It helps to lift them up and make them look significantly bigger. This trick works very effectively on people with small or deep-set eyes as it makes your eyeballs look bigger which further makes your eyes look brighter. If you have a darker skin tone and are afraid to use this eyeliner thinking that it may look unflattering then you can balance things out by applying black eyeliner to your upper lash line and lining your waterline with white eyeliner.

Highlight the inner corners of the eye

Highlighting your inner corners of the eye is a great way to make them look wide and awake. And while a highlighter does this job pretty effectively, you can ditch this product for white eyeliner as it looks as wonderful as any other highlighter. This trick will instantly make your dull and tired eyes pop out in a good way. And if the idea seems pretty crazy to you then instead of going all the way out, just stick to applying the eyeliner to the inner v of your eyes.

Use it as an eyeshadow base

It’s extremely important to create the right base for your eyeshadow. And while it can be done using a primer or concealer, if you don’t have either of them or want to make sure that your eyeshadow pops out nicely, then you can use your white eyeliner as a base. Apply the eyeliner to your entire lid and smudge it nicely using a makeup brush or finger. After ensuring that it has been distributed evenly, apply the eyeshadow over it and you will see how vibrant and colorful the eyeshadow looks. This trick will also prevent eyeshadow from creasing and will also make it stay longer.

Apply it under your brow bone

White eyeliner is a great eye lifter and you can put this property of the product to your good use by applying it under your brow bone. It can help to lift your brows and quite honestly, the results can be pretty astonishing. You can either trace your entire brow or you can choose to apply it under the highest point of your brows to give them softer appearance.

Create a perfect cupid bow

Whether you are looking to create a perfect cupid bow or fake your lips into looking bigger, this is where white eyeliner can prove to be a life savior. You can use white eyeliner to highlight the cupid bow area which also gives an illusion of bigger lips. Just make sure to blend the product seamlessly so that it doesn’t end up looking unflattering or stark.

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