5 Styling Tips To Look Extremely Good On Video Calls

5 Styling Tips To Look Extremely Good On Video Calls

Video Calls and video conferencing have become the most prominent way of communication nowadays. The current situation has brought our work life to our home and during the work from home scenario; we all have to attend meetings and conferences via video calls. Besides all the good aspects of video calls one thing that annoys us all is how to look appealing, right?
It’s very easy to screw up with these video calls, what to wear, how to look the best is a major concern we all face, and even more than the face to face meetings, agreed? So, as a helping hand, we have compiled for you 5 styling tips that will help you in looking your best on the video calls. Keep reading!

Light Makeup

Even for the 10 minutes video call you still want to put your best face forward and for that, you need a little bit of touch up here and there. Makeup not only enhances your features but also fuels your self-confidence.
For makeup, we would recommend you do light makeup keeping your base minimal and focusing more on accentuating the eyebrows and eyes. For lips, apply a tinted moisturizer to achieve a natural look.

Pick The Right Clothes

One of the greatest advantages of having a meeting via video call is that you have to focus only on the upper part of your body. You don’t have to decide what to wear at the bottom which means half of the work is erased from your list.
You can opt for a nicely ironed check shirt or even a plain t-shirt. Make sure you style your hair nicely. Tie your hair in a messy bun or braid and even you can keep your hair open and straight.

Focus On The Background

Next important thing is to focus on the background of your video call. A blinky background can add negative points to your whole meeting session as it could turn out to be a little distracting for the fellow participants. So, make sure you pick the most neutral and subtle corner of your home as a background for video conferencing with little distractions.
Even if you’re at home make sure the background looks professional. Anything unprofessional such as cluttered with clothes, dirt, and stuff here and there can make your frame look very unpresentable rather add a bit greenery to have a very polished background.


The next important and the most crucial step in making your video call success is the lighting. We would suggest you pay attention to lighting conditions. It would be best to pick natural light. Just sit facing the window for the best lighting conditions.
A few tips to keep in mind while considering the lighting are-
• Avoiding overhead and backlighting
• Never opt for dim or yellow lights
• Make sure you test your lighting before actually going live.
• Avoid fluorescent lights.
• Also, place lights behind your camera to add more clear effect to the video call.

Keep Your Internet Connection Strong


Lost connection, blurred video quality, drop-in audio, and buffering can make your video calls a little annoying. Thus, make sure you keep your internet connection strong and fast so that it provides you with the best video call experience. Avoid opting for headphones or earbuds as it doesn’t look natural.
Be confident we know it is not easy to face the camera and some of us might feel nervous and anxious. But, remember practice will make you perfect and after a few sessions, you will feel confident in facing the camera.

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