Eyeshadow tips for girls with deeper skin tones

Eyeshadow tips for girls with deeper skin tones

Every skin tone comes with its fair share of problems, especially when it comes to makeup. Despite having the products designed for every skin tone, sometimes they fail to deliver the best results, and that can be quite disappointing. And one thing that girls with deeper skin tone struggle with is the eyeshadow, which no matter what color you choose or how pigmented it seems, your eye makeup just never pops, and that can be a huge bummer. We know, it can be quite disappointing, but you don’t have to worry about anything as we are here to help you out.
First of all, you should know that it’s not about having a darker skin tone, but it has to do with the way you are applying the eyeshadow, and the right application can make a world of difference in your eye makeup. Making your eyes pop using eyeshadow is not at all a tricky task, with a few tips up your sleeve; you can easily rock any eyeshadow shade from the palette and flaunt your eye makeup like an absolute diva. To help you figure out how to do things the right way, all you will have to do is follow these tips that are listed below, and you will be good to go.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors

Girls with darker skin tones can rock about just any shade, and it’s in the technique you use to apply the eyeshadow that impacts the way the shade appears on your lids. Nobody can rock vibrant and rich eyeshadow colors like girls with deeper skin tone does. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with different colors, just take the plunge and make use of those quirky shades to create your bookmarked eye makeup looks that you always wanted to try.

Never forget to use an eye primer before applying the eyeshadow

Primer is one of the most powerful beauty products you could have in your vanity; it makes a world of difference in your makeup, and not just your face makeup but your eyes as well. Therefore, when it comes to applying the eyeshadow, don’t forget to use a primer before on the lids. Using a primer on the lids helps your eye makeup in a plethora of ways. In addition to canceling out the unevenness, it also helps to create a soft canvas on the lids, which makes the eyeshadow pop and appear more vibrant. If you happen to run out of your eyeshadow primer, you can use a little amount of concealer to prime your lids.

Create your eye makeup look in layers

When it comes to applying the eyeshadow after you are done priming the lids, you should layer the products very lightly and don’t straight away go ahead with the main shade of the eye makeup look, pick the light shade instead and apply it all over your lids. After that, take a transitional shade and apply it to the outer corner and the crease of your eyes, and then apply the main eyeshadow to the center. This will make sure that your eye makeup looks neat and absolutely stunning.

Mascara is a must

No matter how stunning the eyeshadow looks on you, if you haven’t applied the mascara yet, the look is not yet finished. Mascara is one of the most powerful makeup assets, and you cannot forget to apply it to your lashes. Coating the lashes with mascara not only helps to make your eye makeup look complete and chic but also makes your eyes look accentuated and prettier. Use a voluminous mascara to make your lashes look luscious and fuller.

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