If there is anything we would choose after denim, it would be a skirt for the utmost comfort and style. They let our legs breathe and walk around freely. Skirts have this unique feminine charm to them which cannot be ignored no matter where you go. They always look playful and pose a very chic vibe to the world. If you are looking for something that will highlight your fashion sense in the sexiest way, it will be a skirt. You can never look over-dressed or under-dressed with this one. The good thing about this apparel is that it can be worn anywhere and not look vulgar, as long as the tailoring is perfect. Even for your workplace, you can pick a skirt in any design and pattern that you like. It will not only flatter your dressing sense but also become an inspiration for others.

Someone has to step and speak for everyone else that skirts are the perfect formal and business outfits and nobody should deny it. They pose grace and sophistication, so have them on your list the next time you go shopping. Have a look at the best formal skirts that you can wear to your workplace-

A black pencil skirt

A skirt was and will continue to be the most beautiful apparel ever. It can be picked and worn to any occasion and event, no matter what it is. Attending a birthday party? Going for lunch? Getting ready for the office? Pick this one for every outing and you are sure to flatter everyone around. A black pencil skirt is sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Teaming up this skirt with a formal shirt is the best office outfit we have ever encountered. It has grace and poise in abundance and nobody can deny that. Wear your transparent leggings along if you feel conscious. Get in those pumps and slay!

A fishtail skirt

A fishtail skirt is the perfect formal skirt with a feminine touch. It looks super cute for every outing and when it is your workplace, don’t even bother! Because it will look effortlessly sexy. This fishtail skirt has been tailored in a very distinct manner and resembles a mermaid. These are a bit longer than other formal skirts and have a curvy style. They cling to the body to accentuate your curves in the best way possible. Tightly gripped at the waist and slowly widening up as it moves down, it creates a perfect curve in your body. Since they are open freely at the brim, it looks like an hourglass. Wear it with your stilettos and flatter everyone.

A Buttoned Skirt

A buttoned skirt never fails to impress. It has this unique vibe that none other apparel can match up to. With a buttoned skirt, you can pair anything from fancy satin blouses to bodycon tops to formal fitted shirts. Even if you wear a casual plain color tee with this one, it will look of utmost grace and elegance. The specialty of this skirt is that it has an inbuilt formal vibe to it and makes your personality look very poised. It hides your body flab and extra curves and thus, gives a refined shape.

A draped skirt

A draped skirt, as the name suggests, is wrapped at the waist and thus, gives an illusion of a petite waistline and body. The drapes are so tactfully tailored that they form multiple lines with the perfect fall. With this draped skirt, you can get ready wearing your winter blazer along for your work meetings. You can also overlap a longline coat with knee-high boots to look like a fashionista in the office. This one will make you look slim and taller. Pick it up in any color you like and flaunt your style.

A tulip skirt

More like an inverted tulip skirt! This one looks like a tulip flower and takes that shape in an inverted design. If you are bored of that streamlined A-line skirt, then this is an improvisation of the same. It looks gorgeous with fitted blouses and makes you look the chic type. This one comes in varying lengths but we suggest, knee-length looks the best. It is best suited for all those women who have a heavy lower body because a tulip skirt will hide your flaws and make you look slimmer.

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