Know the right way to apply your skincare products

Know the right way to apply your skincare products

Knowing the right technique to apply your skincare products is as important as learning about the right ingredients and products for your skin type. Besides applying your skincare products in the right order and on a regular basis, it’s also important to apply the products using the right technique. The way you apply your skincare products can affect the results, therefore, it’s important to know that you are using them the right way. The most common application techniques we know of are patting, pressing, and rubbing. Application techniques to be used can vary from product to product, and you need to know which technique works best for which skincare product. To make things easier for you, we have mentioned in the article below how you should use your skincare products to reap the maximum advantages out of them.


Cleansing is the first step of any skincare routine, and in order to achieve the skin of your dreams, it’s important to use the cleanser in the right way. However, some people take this step very casually and rub the product on their face for merely 10 seconds, just for the sake of skincare routine. But that’s not how it works; cleanser doesn’t provide effective results if it isn’t used correctly. The trick is to first wet your face and then take a pea-sized amount of cleanser to rub on the face in a circular motion for about 30-60 seconds. After massaging the product into the skin for good 30-60 seconds, you can rinse it with lukewarm water.


Exfoliation is one of the most crucial steps of your skincare routine. It helps in removing dead skin cells from the skin, revealing a brighter and youthful complexion. Exfoliating should be done not more than twice a week, and you should always use a mild exfoliator to get the job done. Face scrubs can be quite tricky to work with, if used gently, it won’t remove the dead skin cells and if used harshly, it can end up damaging your skin, so what should you exactly do? You can use the same trick you used for cleansing, the only change you need to make is to massage your face in small circles and not larger and make sure to pay extra attention to certain parts of your face, such as nose and cheeks.


Toners can work wonders for your skin yet it remains the most underrated skincare product out there. Many women tend to skip using toners in their skincare routine and deem it as unnecessary, but the truth is toner is as important as any other skincare product in your daily routine. In addition to tightening your skin pores, it also helps to maintain the skin’s pH levels. You can either directly spritz the toner across your face or you can pour it on a cotton pad to apply it all over your face.


Facial serums are loaded with the goodness of several skin-loving ingredients. This product should be used very carefully and with the utmost care. Massaging the serum into the skin isn’t the right way to use this product. The right way to apply the serum on your face is to tap it into your skin using fingertips, and after that, you can smooth it out. Considering serums are known to be loaded with several potent active ingredients, you should let your skin soak in this product on its own.

Eye cream

The area around your eyes is known to be extremely delicate, thereby, it’s imperative to be very careful when using any product around this area. When it comes to applying eye cream, instead of rubbing or massaging the product into the skin, you should pat it in using your fingertips while applying it under your eyes and the brows.

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