Reasons why you shouldn’t extract your own blackheads

 Reasons why you shouldn’t extract your own blackheads

There’s absolutely no skin issue that we don’t loathe, but we have a different kind of hate for blackheads. These ridiculously annoying and stubborn blackheads usually affect every skin type, but it can be even worse for people with oily skin. Blackheads are one of the root causes of nasty breakouts, but that’s not the only way they affect our skin. Dullness, damaged and unappealing-looking skin are other issues associated with blackheads. We know, it can be quite tempting to extract blackheads on your own, but you definitely need to resist the urge of extracting blackheads on your own as this doesn’t end well for your skin. Extracting blackheads on your own may feel like an easy task, but there’s a way and technique to do blackheads extraction in the right manner. It’s probably best to leave this job to an expert who’s been practicing this for years and know how to do it correctly.
If you are planning to extract or pick blackheads on your own, know that it can end up damaging your skin, leaving behind scars on your skin, which can take months or forever to fade. To make you understand why you shouldn’t extract your blackheads on your own, we have jotted down a list of some reasons you need to check out.

Leaves your skin irritated

Blackheads extraction is a very delicate job, one wrong move could end up badly for your skin, and that’s the last thing you want. One of the very first things a dermatologist or an expert assesses is how deep blackheads are embedded into your skin. Based on that assessment, they choose the right tools to extract nasty blackheads and also prepare your skin accordingly so that no damage is caused to your skin in the process. And when you decide to extract your blackheads on your own, you take zero to little precautions, and lack of knowledge can make you do things the wrong way, no matter how many tutorials you have watched on youtube.


When not done correctly, blackheads extraction can end up causing scars on your skin. This usually happens when you use the wrong tools or follow the wrong process to extract your blackheads. In addition to hurting your skin, the pores surrounding the blackheads also end up getting damaged, which results in scars. Also, failing to extract your blackheads properly leaves your skin quite bruised, and that could lead to scarring.

Acne breakouts

Dirt and impurities trapped inside the pores result in blackheads, and when you try to extract your blackheads, the impurities trapped within the pores spread to the surrounding areas, which further results in clogged pores and inflammation. And this is one of the reasons why you end up breaking out right after following the procedure. Therefore, you should leave this job to the professionals as they know which extraction tool will be the most suitable choice for you, and they will also be very gentle while following the procedure.

Leave your pores enlarged

Extracting blackheads is not easy; this should be practiced by experts only. And when you plan to extract blackheads on your own, if not done correctly, it can leave your pores enlarged. When it comes to extracting blackheads, the pores are slightly enlarged with the help of extraction tools to allow easy extraction of blackheads. When you fail to follow the procedure correctly, you can end up pushing dirt and impurities within your pores, and that leads to pores enlargement. Enlarged pores make the skin look less appealing, therefore, practice precautions and always try to get your blackheads extracted by an expert.

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