Fiery Saturday night is back and you’re again in search of a sizzling outfit from your wardrobe and just can’t figure out what to match with your tops? This struggle is every woman’s everyday thing also and nothing can deny the fact that we want to look good wherever we go-whether it’s Saturday night or Monday office. What we need here is a glamorous outfit that can fit right into any occasion without looking over-dressed. Skirts are that piece of garment that can transform your look instantly and have the power to change the vibe of your outfit to reflect the right mood. Now there are a variety of skirts for everyone out there-every body type, every occasion and every day. As easy as skirts are to style and wear, you just need to make sure that your style flatters your body type foremost.

Let’s have a look at different types of skirts that you can definitely try out this season and ace the look with a cool fashion vibe.


Pleats are basically a cloth pulled together as gathers to give a fuller look to the body. The fabric around the waist is gathered and sewn down to form pleats. They look very elegant with fitted ruffle shirts, band-collar shirts, round neck tees with a statement neckline. The fabric used is usually organza, silk and satin because they are light and form soft pleats. On the other hand thick fabrics will make the pleats look very ballooned out and form an awkward shape. Plus it also makes the person look fat. Buy a pleated skirt for the perfect formal outing or lunch dates.


Tutu skirts are all ballooned up skirts originally used in ballets and making princess gowns. They were worn in childhood birthday parties but just like every unique style, designers have found a way to use these like other skirts. Tutu skirt is obviously not an everyday staple but is sure to look great for any party. They have made a comeback for those who want to feel like a princess going on adventure. Pair tutu skirts with pumps and stilettos to highlight the length and flare of this skirt with a sleek belt atthe waistline.


Skater, as the name suggests, these were seen worn by an ice skater in the ring. From there it clicked the mind of designers to be used as a blend of cute and chic for everyday wear. Skater skirts are midway between a-line and circle skirts thus, carry a very informal vibe to them. They are not at all heavy duty and a very light fabric is used to create them. They are too much fun to wear with sneakers and go out just like that with a laidback attitude. Perfect for any date outing or with friends!


Wrap around are not just limited to tops or tunics anymore. They have been tailored in skirts as well with elastic around the waistband for grip and comfort. Along with elastic there is obviously a set of two strings that have to be knotted together overlapping the skirt hem from the front and thus, giving the perfect chic wrap looks. The knot is one side sporting a very cool chic attitude and is great for summer outings. The good thing about this skirt is that it can be formally worn with any shirt tucked in rightly.


High waist skirts have a waistband sitting above the belly button and trust me; this makes a hell lot of difference to the outfit. Any a-line, skater, denim skirt will look stunning with a high waist structure. But we are laying most emphasis on the pencil skirt because it has the capacity to be worn as formal and informal outerwear. Pencil skirts are slim and straight fitted to the body and taper as they go down. This kind of skirt will make you look impeccably stylish.

Skirts are the perfect blend of street style and sophistication to suit all those indecisive folks out there. Go out and slay!

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