The Elegant Choice to Make While Wearing Shoes

The Elegant Choice to Make While Wearing Shoes

We all have a collection of work shoes, party shoes, and casual shoes. However, we tend to make certain choices while choosing our footwear that we either neglect them by not wearing them at all or try them and end up looking uncomfortable all day long. So, stop making these choices by choosing to read our guide. We will help you out choosing the best comforting shoes for yourself so that you don’t fall prey to the petty uncomfortable shoes ever in life again. On that note, we shall begin our discussion of equipping your shoe rack with the comfy, elegant shoes.

Heels Height

It is a fact that most women feel comfortable in three to four centimeters long heels. However, others whose profession demands them to wear higher heels do so and feel comfortable in them eventually. It can be noticed from the way you walk on stairs or ground that you are feeling fine while walking in these heels or not. It doesn’t matter if you are being cautious while walking. If you are walking in an awkward manner than that means you aren’t comfortable at all. So next time you go buy heels walk in them in the store for five minutes you will get to know if you will be wearing these again ever or not.

Ugg Boots

We all know the comfort and the warmth of the ugg boots is extremely pleasing. However, if you have been wearing these boots to the market then it cannot be an expectable choice for you. These boots are your wintertime lounge boots which are meant to keep inside the home and not worn outside. If you are fond of wearing slipper at home then investing in these shoes you will be wasting your money. Even if you see your neighbor rushing to the store in these, you don’t have to follow her. Look impressive every time you step outside.

Platform Sole heels

This trend is not coming to an end and has prolonged longer than ever. If you have to stand for long hours then you need to wear the low height heels and not the platform sole heels. The thick heavy front can really lay heavy damage on your dress. Even if you are planning in wearing these heels make sure you are pairing them with the maxi dress and not another form. If you style it with medium length dress then the heavy sole of your footwear doesn’t look pleasing at all. This asymmetry doesn’t work for all women so quit buying them to manage the length of your flared jeans or dresses. Stick to block high heels.

Too Shinny

We aren’t referring here to the metallic boots that are certainly in trend more than ever. Well, if worn correctly they look superb. However, there are heels and loafers which have the over embroidered work on them. They have so many glitters and the stone that rather than adding glamour to your look they end up distracting the eye of the person. One should never purchase these over embellished shoes. Trust me; you will never reach out for them even for wedding occasions because you will want people to look at you, top to bottom, and not just the bottom. So next time when you feel the urge to buy the shoes with feathers or extravagant bows don’t choose these; go for the minimal decor shoes. These will compliment your overall outfit and not pull the eye downwards.
Similarly for the boots, if your black’s boots have too much going on over them, they will not give you the look of elongated length. The pattern or studs or the chunky sole will draw far more attention than required and spoil your look. Next time look for the adequate size heel and clean extremely lesser pattern boots to look sophisticated.

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