The right way to use a beauty blender

The right way to use a beauty blender

A beauty blender, which is known by many names and for being used excellently while doing makeup, is an absolute must-have. No matter if you’re an advanced makeup artist or a newbie, having this tool in your makeup kit is a basic necessity. You don’t necessarily have to be a pro to use this tool for applying makeup; it’s easy to get your way around this tool. Nobody can ever regret having this tool in their makeup kit and this tells a great deal about a makeup sponge.
When it comes to applying makeup, especially foundation or concealer, no other tool can blend these products half as good as a makeup sponge does. It helps to blend the product to perfection and make your makeup appear flawless. Although these makeup sponges have been around for quite some time now, it is only recently that they rose to fame and managed to have a fixed place in almost every girl’s makeup kit and heart, of course.
If you are someone who is new to the idea of using a makeup sponge, take a look at this article, where we have listed a few tips that will allow you to make the most out of your beauty blender.

Wet your makeup sponge 


Makeup sponge helps in achieving a flawless finish and while it can be used both dry and wet, it’s best if you use it damp to make blending easier and the finish seamless. Dip your makeup sponge in a cup fo water and squeeze out all the excess water. When it comes to applying a liquid foundation, you should always stick to using a damp makeup sponge. This will make sure that your sponge doesn’t absorb a lot of product and also helps in adding a dewy finish to the look.

Don’t drag your makeup sponge on the skin

There’s a way to use a makeup sponge on the skin and dragging or rubbing it against the skin is certainly not the right way to do it. Instead of rubbing the sponge on your face, dab it lightly so that it bounces against your skin and blend the product evenly. If you drag or rub your makeup sponge on the skin, it won’t only shorten the life of your beauty blender but will also result in an uneven or patchy finish.

Clean it after every use


Much like your makeup brushes, makeup sponge is also supposed to be cleaned after every use. You cannot use it on your face without washing it. From dirt and bacteria to dead skin particles and build-up, your makeup sponge can harbor some nasty stuff on its base, which once gets transferred to your skin can result in acne breakout or infections. Therefore, you should always clean your makeup sponge after every use to get rid of all foreign particles and bacteria.

Use it for your skincare routine

A makeup sponge is most particularly known to be used for achieving a perfect base. However, its smart design makes it easier for us to use this tool in some other ways as well. These beauty blenders feature softer edges, which makes it suitable to be used for applying skincare products like moisturizer, sunscreen, serums, and much more. You can use this trick to apply skincare products on the parts of your face that are extremely delicate.

Store properly

Merely cleaning the makeup sponge won’t keep it safe from harboring those dirt particles or germs and bacteria. You will have to be very careful with its storage as well. After cleaning your makeup sponge, allow it to air dry. Instead of storing it in your bathroom in the moist area, keep it in a dry place and make sure that it gets plenty of sunlight.

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