Your ultimate guide to buying makeup brushes

Your ultimate guide to buying makeup brushes

While there are so many makeup tools out in the market, there’s something very different about makeup brushes that are not only a reliable option but are also incredibly easy to use. However, as good and easy as they may feel to you, keeping them intact can be quite a struggle. Proper care and cleaning is all it takes to keep your makeup brushes intact and perfectly fine for good long years. And the first step to ensuring that they don’t let you down for a good long time is to invest in good quality brushes. While we know that it can be an expensive affair, but this investment is going to prove every bit of worthy. Going for brushes that are way less expensive may feel like a good steal to you but they may not prove to be as handy and trustworthy as your good quality brushes. And if it gets a little difficult for you to identify what brush is the right one for you or in case if you’re new to this, then we are here to help you out.
We have put together a list of a few things that you must bear in mind while shopping for makeup brushes.

Assess the quality of the brush

One of the most important factors to consider while purchasing any makeup brush is its quality. Believe us; you wouldn’t want to compromise with it. A good quality brush not only helps you to achieve flawless makeup but it also offers longevity which is a must thing to have. The next time you go for brush shopping, make sure to assess the quality of each one of them. And the best way to determine its quality and longevity is to rub the brush on the back of your hand and see if the bristles feel soft or rough and scratchy. Also, keep an eye out for any bristle falling out. This will help you make the best purchase.

What type of bristles to purchase?

Bristles come in two types namely- synthetic bristles and natural bristles. You will have to choose the bristle of the brush according to the formula of the makeup product you’re using. If the products are powder-based, then natural hair brushes are the most ideal choice as the cuticles of these brushes are much like your real hair which allows the better hold of the pigment and completely avoids the wastage of product. For cream and liquid-based products, you can use synthetic haired brushes as they do not soak up the product.

Must have brushes

While the market is filled with so many types of brushes but you should know that it’s not mandatory to buy each one of them. You can totally do fine by investing in just a few of them that are actually required. First you can go with a foundation brush but make sure that it comes with a flat top so that you can acquire a flawless and seamless base. It will also help in giving you a smooth finish. Apart from that, you can also invest in a few other brushes like blending brush, concealer brush, highlighter brush, and blush brush.

How to take care of them?

Proper care and maintenance is the key to keeping your brushes intact and last longer. If you want to ensure that your brushes keep with you for good long years then make sure to clean them after every use. And if you can’t clean them every day then at least make a routine to clean them thoroughly every week using baby shampoo and allowing them to dry properly. If you follow the cleaning ritual properly then you surely can increase the longevity of your brushes.

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