Make your skinny jeans look chicer with these summer basics

Make your skinny jeans look chicer with these summer basics

Fashion trends are a huge part of almost every girl’s life and while there’s nothing wrong about becoming a trend-believer, it is also good to be a little practical about your choices and not surround yourselves with everything trending because eventually they will be gone out of trend at some point. Much like a few fancy and trending pieces, basics are an essential part of women’s wardrobe. And when it comes to the summer season, basics become our go-to pieces as they allow us to create some of the chicest and comfiest outfits that make summer feel like a breeze. While shorts and flowy dresses are much preferred to wear during summers, a few staples like skinny jeans can also be put to great use on days when you feel like giving your outfit a denim touch. Skinny jeans are known to be highly versatile; they team up flawlessly with almost every other piece. And it only takes a few summer basics to make skinny jeans appear a lot chicer and elevated. If you have a certain affinity towards skinny jeans and would like to incorporate this piece to your summer outfits, then make sure to read through this article where we have rounded up a list of a few summer basics that will make your skinny jeans look incredibly stylish.

White shirt

Of all the pieces that can be paired with skinny jeans, a white shirt or blouse just beats them all. Not only it makes the jeans look a lot more polished and elevated but it also adds a sense of chicness and forward-look to the ensemble. A white blouse is something that can go flawlessly with almost every other bottom whilst maintaining the perfect balance between the casual and dressy look. You can make things look even more interesting and refreshing by tying the ends of the shirt.

Tank top

Tank tops are arguably one of the best summer basics to have in every girl’s wardrobe. A tank top’s super comfy and elevated silhouette makes it easier to pair this piece with one of your skinny jeans. On days when you don’t feel like putting much effort into creating an outfit, simply throw one of your tank tops and a pair of skinny jeans together and voila! You will be good to go. These tanks are the best way to create a super sleek yet comfortable look during summers.

Crop top

Crop tops come in a vast range of options, differing in colors, prints, and other features. But when it comes to basics, you should always stick with crop tops that are simpler and belong to the vibrant color family. Spaghetti straps, smoked effect, halter neck are some of the basic styles of crop tops that will work wonderfully with your skinny number. Also, try wearing them with your trusty pair of high-waisted jeans as this combination can never go wrong.

Slouchy blazer

No matter what you’re wearing inside, with the addition of blazer on the top, you can instantly make your skinny jean outfit look a lot more elevated and chicer. This look works incredibly well on days when it’s chilly outside, just simply throw a blazer on the top of your shirt or blouse and you will have your OOTD ready. Also, a layered look appears more polished and structured; just make sure to carry a lightweight and slouchy blazer to keep things from looking too serious.

Oversize t-shirt

No person can ever really go wrong with a classic oversize t-shirt. It is a go-to piece for many which can look as wonderful as any other piece in this list. The skinny jeans and oversize t-shirt fit together like a puzzle and there are a bunch of ways to style this t-shirt with skinny jeans including tucking it inside to create a more structured and modern look. You can also spruce up the look a bit by layering a few gold necklaces over your t-shirt.

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