Lean Body Types Might What to Know These Tips

Lean Body Types Might What to Know These Tips

The ones having a skinny body have to go along loads of sarcastic comments from public. No matter which country or state you live in, skinny bodies will always be remarked for having a thin layer of skin on them. However, skinny ones have nice beauty bones, if you focus on that then you can think of many outfits for your body. Today we shall be discussing with you a few of the things that you need to have in your life to make yourself attractive and appealing. There is no fault in, any body type if you try to love yourself; therefore self-love is important. Let’s begin with the clothing we need for a flat body or skinny body type.

Scoop Neck

Whatever you purchase a tee, blouse, or tank. They need to be in scoop neck because scoop neck can actually elongate the body time. Wearing anything which has a deep neck will reflect your skin and if you are a lean body then there is more than a possibility that you will reflect a lot of bone structure. However, neck bone appearing at the top doesn’t look bad. Therefore, look for the scoop neck and invest in them. If you get a tank in it you can pull on some layers on top of these. Layers are you, friends, as they give some volume to your body, and you can pull in layers with a tank top for summer and winters.

Fabric Pick

You need to pick up a stiff fabric for yourself. Getting a fabric that is not bulky and flowy can prove to be not helpful for you. Most of you girls need to add some volume to the shoulders and hip region because we have to keep the waist thin the way it is. You can lay your hands on fabric such as cotton and silk. These are stiff and not flowy stuff which will not stick to your body but make you look as if you have some volume around your body. Avoid the flowing material rest all will be fine for you.

Designed Clothing

If you like to wear complete solids with some detailed work then they are the perfect one for you. If you wear bland clothing then, that will probably not work for your body type. Some little shinny beads or lace are added to the top and are suitable for your body type. You need to avoid small prints as small prints create an illusion of a flat and thin body structure which you already have. Small prints are meant to be worn by women who have heavy bodies. You need to wear big bold prints and colors, the prints will make your body appear slightly heavy which is exactly what we need.

Horizontal Prints

Anything which has horizontal lines or any print which is going horizontally in a top can be your friend. You can easily find a line pattern anywhere, there are several details in the designs that matter the most. These days we have asymmetrical, horizontal lines. Some are big some are small; you can go for that pattern as well. Having plain a ray of bushes moving in a horizontal pattern can also be found, but you will need to search it a little. Anything in vertical has to be avoided, as vertical elongate the body frame which isn’t the preference in your case.


Flat bodies need to avoid dark colors, dark colors make you look thin and lean which is not what you have to do. So wear the pattern with light colors. However if you find a top in black or brown colors with bold prints that can be done, but avoid it if you can. The 21st century is about neon’s which are colorful to be in trend try out these in solids or somewhat pattern any way you like. Try to avoid dark color pants as well because these are going to make you look skinny.

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