Effective Tips To Control Excessive Oil Production On Face

Effective Tips To Control Excessive Oil Production On Face

Shiny hair is a dream of all but certainly not a shiny skin. But, there are a majority of us blessed with oily skin that takes a huge toll on us. With greasy skin and excess oil secretion, it seems very awful especially in summer when no matter what you apply your skin becomes an oil tank in no time flat. Oily skin can relate to that, the oil production sometimes feels can be used to cook, agreed?
Surely having oily skin is not bad though as you can think it to be. Having oily skin is wrapped with certain benefits too such as oily skin is less prone to aging or showing the signs of aging like wrinkles, and oily skin gives a more youthful appearance to the skin but that doesn’t mean we should not do anything to control the oil production. Excessive sebum production can be a breeding ground for a hell lot of skin problems acne, blackheads, and whiteheads to mention a few.
With summer season on us, oily skin beauties are all worried about the ton of oil production so if you’re struggling with oily skin. Well, then you’ve clicked on the right feed. Here, we have shared a few tips that can help you fight the excessive sebum production. So, keep reading!

Wash Your Face Not More Than Twice A Day

We know how much tempting and relief it feels when you just wash off that oil but do you know excessive washing can result in more oil production. When you’re washing your face more than twice a day you’re actually stripping off the natural moisture of your skin and making it dry. The skin in ordered to meet the natural moisture content produces more oil. So, stop washing your face more than twice a week.

Use A Mild Cleanser

Anything strong can also result in excessive oil production. Strong ingredients can dry out your skin, therefore, resulting in more oil production. Your skin when dry will tend to produce more oil than before. So, anything strong can give you instant results but in the long run can be really harsh your skin and can cause damage rather any benefit.
Also, incorporating too many active acids in your skincare routine is another way of opting for strong ingredients. Active acids are really good for your skin but when used more can actually damage your skin.

Weekly Exfoliate Your Skin

You must exfoliate your skin as exfoliating can do the wolrd of good to your skin. Oily skin can opt for chemical exfoliation which is a more gentle way than compared to the physical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation is more effective as rather than just working on the upper layer of the skin it goes deep down the skin targeting many concerns and excessive oil production is one of them.
But when you opt for chemical exfoliation make sure you’re gradually building your skin hesitance towards it. And follow chemical exfoliation not more than twice a week or would be much better if you stick once a week.

Never Skimp On Moisturizers

We know oily skin and blazing sun you don’t feel to put the moisturizer on. But, loves by skimping moisturizers you are harming your skin. As we have already explained to you the mechanism- your skin will produce more oil if left dry. Not applying moisturizer is a big no-no. you can opt for a non-comedogenic and oil-free moisturizer.

Healthy Diet

Diet is another crucial aspect of your skin. Avoid oily and spicy food if you want to keep the oil off your face.

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