5 Things To Avoid If You Have Combination Skin

5 Things To Avoid If You Have Combination Skin

We believe if you want to indulge in proper skincare practices it’s important to know the don’ts rather than knowing the dos. It’s simple if you know what not to do; you can have the best skin. And, when it comes to the skin types, combination skin is one of the most challenging skin types to deal with. Sometimes, you feel your skin to be dry and sometimes it’s oily and thus a lot of confusion on choosing the right skincare products and regime builds up. Don’t you think life would become much simple if you know what not to do for your combination skin type?
If you want to know the don’ts for combination skin, read till the end, and these tips can be the real skin-changer.

Never Skip Moisturizer

We believe that some parts of your skin are oily and some parts drier and thus you can feel to avoid moisturizing your face. But skipping a moisturizer is a big no-no for any skin type whether it’s oily skin, dry, or combination.
Make sure you use a mild gel-type moisturizer twice a day and never skip it out of the skincare regime.

Never Use Other Skincare Products

We know you might feel to use dry skin or oily skincare products for combination skin but this is the biggest harm you do to your skin, using the products meant for other skincare types.
You should always use the skincare products that are meant for combination skincare types as they are formulated especially for your skin type. The products based on combination skin types are formulated to provide enough hydration to the skin without making it oily. These skincare products provide the balance to the skin and thus you should always prefer using the right skincare products.

Skipping SPF 

If you skip SPF you make every other skincare product you use a waste. It’s really crucial to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and thus whenever you step out in the sun SPF is a must.
Use a broad-spectrum SPF that protects your skin from all the lights that can damage your skin not just the UV rays. Most of the combination skin types skip SPF probably because they don’t find the correct formulation some dries out the skin and some make the skin oiler. So, the best would be to use gel-based SPF which is non-comedogenic.

Using Alcohol-Based Products

The majority of us don’t pay attention to the ingredients list and thus end up using the products that are not good for the skin type. Alcohol-based products are not good for the combination skin type as the alcohol-based products dry out the skin and lead to irritation.
Hence, make sure you know the ingredients you’re using onto your face and if any product is infused with alcohol, it’s simply not meant for you. Rather than opt for mild and natural products not only the natural products are free from chemicals but also maintain the pH level of the skin.

Using One Type Of Face Masks

One of the biggest mistakes we are doing is using the same face mask for the combination skin. Try using different face masks as if you end up using the same face mask your skin will stop showing the results. Hence, switch to various face masks.

So, these are some of the things you should avoid doing if you have a combination skin type. Make sure you choose the products and formulate the skincare regime very wisely and after understanding your skin. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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