Basic essentials you will always need in your wardrobe

Basic essentials you will always need in your wardrobe

Be it trends or personal style, with time, they always keep evolving. The only thing that remains consistent through it all is a few classic basics. No matter how many fancy and trendy clothes you have, if you don’t own these classics, your wardrobe won’t be considered complete and this speaks volumes about the importance of having basic essentials. Trend follower or not, there always comes a time in one’s fashion journey when trendy clothes are superseded with basic essentials and they become more of a necessity than being labeled as mundane fashion pieces.
Not having these classic basics in your wardrobe means, having no foundation to create a well put together and chic look regardless of the season. And it’s not necessary that these items would look as beautiful as one of your trendy pieces, the sole job of these basics is to help you create a rounded up and polished look. To help you make your wardrobe feel whole and complete, we have put together a list of some classic basics that will always remain in style, no matter what.

Loose maxi dress

There is nothing more comforting than wearing a loose-fitted item on a hot summery day. While you may have plenty of such options to consider but mind you, not every piece is classic, and not every classic is basic. The only thing that comes to our mind that perfectly fits the two most important parameters- classic and basic- are loose maxi dresses. Roomy maxi dresses are one of those ideal fashion pieces that can work both indoors and outdoors. Its loose silhouette not only provides the utmost comfort but also makes things look pretty interesting. To intensify the drama a bit more, you can consider pairing it up with small heels and a statement bag.

Lingerie set

Your lingerie is probably the first thing that you put on your body every morning. And whether you believe it or not, but the right kind of lingerie can make a positive change in the way you and your body feels. Instead of wearing two mismatched lingerie, consider wearing matching lingerie set and you will instantly feel more empowered and confident about yourself. Having a few lingerie sets in your collection will make you feel a lot more confident about your wardrobe and more well put together when you sport them.

Crisp white t-shirts

Having white t-shirts in your wardrobe is the most common basic piece to hold onto. You can never really have enough of these pieces as they come to use in more ways than you know. Even after being fully aware of its importance, some girls still choose to not incorporate this item into their wardrobes. A crisp white t-shirt can instantly add a sense of polish and chicness to any outfit. Furthermore, these white t-shirts only look good when they are actually crisp white.

Black leggings

Black leggings are another one of the many basic items you can ever have enough of. Over the past few years, these black leggings have gone under a major makeover and they have become our easy alternative to jeans which can feel too frustrating to wear at times. This super comfortable and classic pair has been proving to be one of the best versatile items that can be styled in multiple ways, thanks to the fashion girls on Instagram.

Pleated trousers

The key to dressing up smarter, chicer, and even expensive is to pair up your blouses with pleated trousers. Yes! It is as easy as it sounds. Pleated trousers have this amazing ability to make any of your blouse or top look much more expensive and chicer than it looks. And these trousers always come handy when you have a formal event to attend.

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