Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing that is particularly designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings like workplace or casual and social occasions. Todd Snyder founded this eponymous label and called it an evolution in fashion. Everyone we follow-be it celebrities or fashion bloggers are flaunting this trend in their everyday look. Wearing leggings and tracksuits has become their everyday staple and not just for the gym or airport. This is because designers have included sportswear in their runway shows and showcased how practical and fashionable they are. It goes hand-in-hand with busy schedules and relaxed standards of dressing. One can always mix athleisure with polished wardrobe separates and look stunning in no time. Taking inspiration from street style and our favorite celebrities, this is how you can wear this effortlessly stylish trend-


Track pants come in so many variations now that you can actually replace them with your denim and leggings. No matter how much you insist, we all know that denim is rigid and thick material thus making it really uncomfortable to wear for long hours. So we’ve found a replacement! You can wear track pants in different colors now and in different prints too. They are tailored in stripes, prints, polkas, side slits, drawstring jogger style, and solid colors too. Wear a nice classy blouse and pointed heels with it for Sunday brunch or a shopping spree. The trick is to stick to a sleek sports vibe by accessorizing appropriately.


Now there is no hard and fast rule of wearing accessories only with formals or not carrying any accessory with your sweatsuits. To your surprise, a slouchy casual sweatsuit can look damn stylish if paired with the right amount of accessories. You can always wear oversized colored sunglasses with a printed scarf and a glamorous designer handbag. Pull your look together with your streamlined white sneakers and head for breakfast or even lunch, as you wish. There is no limit to fashion and so, you can always elevate your look with the right options.


Stirrup leggings are a pair of normal stretchy leggings only with extra comfort and style. These leggings do not finish at the ankles but go on till our feet and form a U-shape beneath the knee for the ultimate grip. Stylish enough? This one is definitely a street-smart outfit and can be perfectly paired with a long trench coat or a pullover sweater. You can wear these stirrup leggings to any place-work, meetings or dinners. It’s that versatile in style. You can add a touch of jewelry too but don’t overdo it. For adding oomph to the outfit, always wear heels or pumps with this one and become a fashion genius!


Who said you have to look over-dressed for dates every time? Casual is the new cool and hands down, we agree with it! Wearing a sweatshirt to date just balances out your look between being over-dressed and under-dressed. Rightly dressed in between chill and fierce, this look is sure to earn you envy and turn heads. A basic hoodie in black or nude paired with a mini skirt or rugged shorts, along with high heels or knee-high boots is your look for the day. You can also create layers by wearing a slim sweatshirt under a blazer and throw the hoodie at the back for a cool outfit. A baseball cap and a trendy backpack will work perfectly with this look.


Heard of blazer with pants since always? Now you can pair them with track pants as well and trust us, it’s the coolest outfit ever. It shows your casual attitude right on the sleeve and oh, so trendy! This fashion trick will become your go-to look because this involves pairing formal with casual wardrobe separates. Pick a boyfriend blazer as it is oversized and pair it with skinny track pants with stripes on the side. A simple tank top in solid color beneath it will do the magic too. You don’t have to worry about accessorizing this look because the vibe within it is enough. Wear this one when you want to impress a date or for attending events with friends.

While styling your athleisure, get as creative as you can and mix your sportswear with regular fashion for a balanced look. Just analyze your signature style and improvise it.

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