Dress-Up Hiding the Unflattering Tummy

Dress-Up Hiding the Unflattering Tummy

Have a tummy in everyday life could be stressful for a few individuals. We already have so much work to do in a day, and looking at those unflattering tiers on the stomach makes us look completely unprofessional. This may reflect that we are not working out and having tired some routine. So let clothing make a difference in your body but the time you adjust in the situation and get back to your healthy body routine. Let’s talk about some tummy hiding trick which does make a difference in your looks and definitely helps you gain more confidence.

Trick-1 Wear Horizontal Stripes

Patterns do make a huge difference in your looks. Something with small prints is considered to be elegant and classy. However, something with big, bold patterns are considered to gather attention to a certain region. Well, the trick of clothing is vast and it can make a huge difference when one style is styled on different people. So let’s see what do the horizontal style do to your body, it creates an illusion that you have a lesser tummy or no tummy at all. The vertical patterns give volume to your belly fat, whereas horizontal patterns don’t hold an eye on the belly.

Trick-2 Ruching Dress

Ruching is a kind of dress that has a wavy texture around the tummy area. So what this wavy texture does is, it sort of gives an illusion that it’s not your belly peeing through the dress it is the style of the dress. Therefore you get the coverage and somewhat hide your belly fat. This way you get to none skin-fitted design for the tummy and rest all body fitted. These dresses usually have less fitting around the stomach and more fitting around the breast area.

Trick-3 Jewelry

Jewels are the shiny pretty objects which appear glamorous to all eyes. You must be wearing a small piece of jewelry all year round, and wear a piece of special or artificial jewelry someday you are going out on an official event. Artificial pieces of jewelry are more attractive than the everyday jewelry, thus if you wear big danglers or necklace then you clothing wouldn’t gather the attention of the people, it will be the piece of jewelry you are wearing. Jewels always gain the attention of women and these are the small addition to enhancing our beauty.

Trick-4 Ruffle Neck Tops

Ruffle neck tops can be another nice trick of attention diversion. These tops have structured shoulders and you have got frills falling from the shoulder to the neckline. These tops attain attention around the neck. So if you are comfortable flaunting heavy burst then you can go for these tops. Besides, you can go for this look with a simple V-neck top, if you wear a printed scarf on it. You can style a scarf in plenty of manners so just look for an arrangement and wear prints with solids.

Trick-5 Peplum Top

Peplum tops are really doing an amazing job hiding the tummy. However, finding the right size peplum is a tricky task. You don’t want it to be too short not too big. It won’t make sense on your body. So what are these peplum tops? They have the fitted upper body fit and somewhere down the bust area, you get a dividing-line. The line shouldn’t be just below the bust area, it should fall an inch lower, and then the peplum should begin. It doesn’t have to be frilly, the right amount of flared will add to a perfect look. So if you are going for this top, notice, where the partition is taking place, is it the right place on your body? Material do counts in this look, if you are taking a see-through material it would not make much of a difference a solid top with heavy material will work best.

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