Hiking or trekking may sound all adventurous and all. But doing it is not as easy as it may sound. It soaks in all your energy and drains you completely physically and mentally. But we have to agree on this that at the end of the day, the kind of satisfaction of completing the trek and a beautiful sight we get to witness makes all the efforts worth it.

With trekking/hiking comes the responsibility of bringing all the essential things in your backpack as you never know when what thing comes handy at the time of need. While first aid kit, a water bottle and few snacks to munch on are the very basic things that anyone would bring along but people often neglect their options when it comes to clothing, footwear, accessories, and a few other things. And we would like to tell you that they play an equally important role in ensuring that your trekking/hiking goes peacefully without any inconvenience or discomfort.

To help you a bit with what all to pack except basic things, we have rounded up a list of few essential. So take a note of these and next time when you pack your bags bear these things in your mind.


The most important thing to carry in your bag is the shoes. As without them, you won’t only be at discomfort but it also can make your whole journey more tedious and less enjoyable. Always look for shoes that are meant for trekking and hiking as they make the whole journey a lot easier. Opt for ones that offer comfort (most important), durability, lightweight, sturdy, water-resistant and have a good grip.

So always carry hiking/trekking shoes to ensure the successful completion of your journey.


Trekking or hiking is that thing which should be done when you feel all comfortable moving around. As it involves a lot of body movements across the trails or terrain which of course isn’t easy. To ensure easy movement of body one should wear clothes that are all comfy, breathable and allows you to move around easily. Do not take the idea of wearing jeans to a trek as it may make it difficult to move around. Opt for bottoms like trek pants or trousers. Opt for ones that are purposeful like having a good amount of pockets for all those tiny items, dries quickly and has built-in gaiters for snow treks.


This may not feel important to you, but trust me having them in your bag can save you from those harsh sun rays. Sunglasses especially come handy when you are trekking on snow. As it is believed that 80% of UV rays reflect on it which can make you snow blind and can also cause other eye problems like cataract. So it’s always advisable to carry your sunglasses while snow trekking.


With all the heat and sun rays being exposed to your body, there is an obvious chance of getting sunburnt. And it is highly recommended to cover your body when under the sun. One of the best ways to do so is by wearing a sun cap or hat. It provides enough coverage from the sun and can help you in a long way if you are a person who likes to trek/hike very often.


A sunscreen is one of the most essential things to carry in your bag. It not only provides you protection from harsh sun rays but also reduces the chances of getting a deadly disease called skin cancer. And no matter how sunny or overcast it is, you should always apply a sunscreen not only on your face but also to the body parts that are getting exposed to sun rays.

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