Plump lips and fuller lashes are two things every girl desires to have. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with such facial features, but that doesn’t mean you should be any less proud of the beautiful features you have been gifted with. However, when we have makeup products with us, we wouldn’t need to worry about getting those desired features in a go. In case of lashes, you are sorted with mascara but when it comes to having fuller plumped lips you may not be aware of things that can help you in achieving them. When you will peek inside your vanity, you will see there are a lot of products that can actually help you to achieve your dreamy pout without much hassle. There are 5 easy ways which we’ve listed below, that will help you to achieve your dreamy pouty lips in the most amazing way.

1. Hydrate your lips

The first and the foremost step is to prep your lips. Be it your face or lips, they both need to be prepped up for further application of the products. It basically ensures your lips are soft and smooth and there’s no sign of dryness, flakiness or scaly texture. It’s important to give your lifeless lips a needed boost with the help of some hydration. And that can easily be done by applying a favorite lip balm of yours or using a lip scrub to help get rid of dead skin cells and flakiness. Using a scrub that is enriched with vitamin E will be extra beneficial as it will provide an extra boost of moisture to them. Another alternative is to use a lip oil, all the things will work equally amazing and effectively.

2. Overline your lips with a lip liner

This trick will especially come handy for girls who have very thin lips. Choose a lip liner that is similar or closest to the shade of your lips. Now with the help of lip liner, draw the outline of your lips on the outside of your natural lip line very carefully whilst making sure it isn’t too thick. After having done this step, fill the entire area of your lips with the same lip liner and run a finger over your lips with a gentle rubbing to make sure that the tiniest of cracks have been subjected to the lip liner. Now take any favorite lipstick of yours and apply it all over your lips and you are done with one more step.

3. Highlight your cupid’s bow

Highlighting is one of the crucial steps in this entire process. It works well for girls with thin lips as it basically gives some dimension to otherwise tiny lips. After you are done applying the lipstick, take a liquid highlighter of yours. Take a tiny amount of it on your fingertip and dab it slightly on the center of your lower lips. And for your cupid’s bow, we would recommend using a powder highlighter. Dab a tiny amount of powder highlighter either using a fingertip or a fan brush. This hack will help you in creating an illusion of fuller lips.

4. Contour them

Much like highlighting, contouring is also a crucial step that you can’t miss out on. It successfully helps in making you achieve full and plump lips which look bigger than your usual lip size. This trick adds some depth and dimension to the lips. Take a powder contour and dab a tiny amount of it under the hollow of your lower lips. This will create an illusion of shadow under your lips which further makes your lips look bigger.

5. Apply a lip gloss

Lip gloss actually holds the power to make your lips appear bigger than the usual size. Due to its reflective nature, it tends to make your lips look plumped and fuller. And which is why glossy lips are always favored over matte lips for girls who have very thin and tiny lips. You can actually swear by this hack and won’t ever be left disappointed. Take a favorite lip gloss of yours and apply a nice coat of it over your lips. Just make sure to do this step after you are done overlining your lips.

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