We all know the fact that taking take of our skin is foremost and we cannot afford any compromises with it. It is very delicate and an everyday routine must be followed to keep it soft and supple. I’m sure a lot of us have a regular skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But amidst all this, sometimes we unintentionally harm our skin in a lot of ways too. Bad skincare habits or ignorance towards the skin has never brought any good to anyone. So it’s really important to contemplate on these and stop doing them right away. You don’t want to come out as dull and full of breakouts. So you need to keep in mind all ends of the spectrum from dry skin to oily skin and focus on having healthy skin. Here are some of the habits we have inculcated in our lives not knowing the consequences of it and how to avoid them.


This is the worst thing ever that you can do to your skin. And believe it when we tell you that your skin is unable to breathe when you sleep with makeup on. It leads to clogging your pores and bacterial infections too if the skin is extra sensitive thus causing acne. Makeup is actually putting layers on the face, different creams and concealers, eye makeup and lipsticks. All these create a barrier on the pores to let them breathe. So if you sleep with makeup on, which is about 7-8 hours, you can gather ourself how much it can wreck the skin.

How to stop- remember to wash your face every time you have put on makeup as a ground rule. If you’re too lazy for it than at least use face wipes to remove it. Keep a pack next to your bed and do it every day easily before sleeping.


It’s a myth that sunscreen is supposed to be used only in harsh sun and scorching heat while the truth in the matter is that sunscreen is meant not only to protect your skin from the sun. It protects us from dust, dirt and other impurities in the air. It is evident because applying sunscreen minimises half of the problems and gives a toned skin. Sunscreen is a must every single day no matter what season it is. When we don’t apply sunscreen, we’re either exposing our skin to the sun and dust directly or we’re letting that makeup get into the skin directly. Either way it is wrecking the skin.

How to break the habit- just get obsessive with sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 or above. Even on cloudy days, sunscreen must be on your face. Keep it handy and right in front of your makeup shelf so that you never forget it.


Long hot showers are so relaxing that there’s nothing you want more after a long day at work. There’s nothing better than a long shower and you feel like in some whole another world. But for the sake of your skin, you have to cut them short and avoid luxuriate them for too long. Staying too long in a hot shower will eventually make the skin red and itchy because it takes off the top layer of dead skin and directly gets in touch with the sensitive skin. Of course once you get in there, you tend to lose track of time because it takes away all the stress but it’s important to keep a track of time.

How to stop- Just put a timer on your phone whenever you get in a hot shower because otherwise you’ll never know. Yes it is the most wonderful thing ever but your skin will thank you later.


Yes it’s always a good habit to keep you skin healthy and clean but not much of it. You love to eat food but too much of it will harm your body. Similarly, too much cleaning the face will take away the entire glow. If you over do it with face wash and soaps and keep on scrubbing your skin, it will lose the entire natural oils and dull the skin. If you have dry skin, then lather up less often to maintain the natural glow of skin.

How to stop- skip washing face in the morning as a process and just splash some water. Save that for the CTM at night and go to sleep so that the cleansing takes its toll overnight and give you a gentle skin in the morning.

Make these tweaks your daily habits & give your skin the moisture it needs. You’ll be surprised to have the healthiest, zit-free and glowing skin for a long time.

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