How to Find a Perfect Support Sports Bra?

How to Find a Perfect Support Sports Bra?

Sports bras are the support system while you are exercising and stretching your body. No one likes the bouncy breast during a workout as they cause discomfort and pain sometimes. If you are going through all this then, you aren’t wearing a proper fit. According to a study, it has been found that around 68.89% of women don’t wear a proper bra during their physical workout. The statistics are shocking enough, it happens because most of us don’t know what is our breast size is and what kind of support are we looking for? Thus, you must measure your bra size and look for the following specified features for work-outs bras you need for each type of workout.

Light workout

Fabric plays a vital role in them. So if you are going for a light workout like walking or yoga then, you need a cotton blended bra for this purpose, as you are performing a light workout thus, you breast need light support and you must remain comfortable. Thus, choose a light padded compressed bra to remain in shape and offer the right support to your breast. Take cross straps as they will give your back and shoulder some support. Make sure that the straps are fitting nicely and not stick badly in the skin.

Medium workout

You need to switch to Lycra or Spandex fabric for this purpose bra. Since it’s a sweaty workout you need a fabric that can absorb the sweat and doesn’t make your body feel itchy. It is a must that you need to get yourself a compressed and good band support bra for this. More than that you need to make sure that you have got the bra strap ending exactly opposite to the band in front otherwise you are purchasing a wrong bra size for you. Other than that a light partition between the breasts could support them and doesn’t allow much pressure. These bras are ideal for a cardio workout or aerobics you need to feel relaxed and comforting while stretching your body thus the fabric ensures that no harm is done to your breast tissues while performing the workout.

High-intensity workout

Since it’s a high-intensity workout that means you will need more strength and support. Other than that you will be getting the lots of sweat therefore, you need to choose a microfiber fabric bra for this purpose. It should be compressed as it will ensure the limited movement in your upper body. More than that keep a righteous posture while working out is a must. Thus, the sports bras with thick straps offer you support and aid to keep the correct posture. You need a padded bra that would have a long thick band at the end which will let your body move freely.
Besides that, before you reject the use of sports bra and use your regular bra instead, you should understand what’s the use of them?
• It for sure reduces the movement during your workout or running session.
• Support the breast tissues to remain intact while you are stretching your body.
• Prevents your posture but providing support to the breast as well as your shoulder and back.
• Prevent your breasts from shagging as they do over the time and maintain their proper structure.

How to wash your supports bra?

You need to hand wash as the fabric in the expendable it would lose its elasticity in a machine wash. Don’t ever use hot water to wash, always use cold water as the hot water will damage the life of it. Lastly, you need to always flat dry your bra, never spin it because it will harm the shape and structure of your bra.
If you follow these tips then you bras will accompany you for 6-8 months on a go or maybe less if you lose weight, which you will by regular exercising. But if you use them rarely then they can last longer as well. However, it’s extremely important to practice exercising on a regular basis so begin your work-out today.

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