How to Style A Shirt For A Casual Chic Look

How to Style A Shirt For A Casual Chic Look

The shirt is one of the staple pieces, we see hanging in our closet. If not many options we still can find shirts in black or white versions in the majority of wardrobes. The button-down style is mostly paired with something more professional and is kept reserved for the days when you want to look a bit rookie, right? But, the tailored staple can be styled in infinitely creative ways to achieve a quirky casual statement look.
The collar style can be worn for every occasion if you paired it the right way. Heading for dinner with friends or running an errand or going for a casual walk in the park you can effortlessly pull this style bang on! A crisp shirt can make you look dressed-up but this versatile piece can also be instantly dressed-down in a casual yet stylish way.
If you’ve wishlisted a crisp cotton shirt or a silky one for later when you can see yourself wearing more often as you’ll have professional events to go for or only wear your shirts when you have something professional round the corner this feed would be surely a great help!
Here we’ve compiled a few shirt combos you can effortlessly style and raise your style quotient a notch up.

Wear It As A Shirtdress-

Bored with the usual way to wear a shirt here is a quick act of novelty, get hands-on an oversize long shirt, and wear it as a shirtdress. This is a perfect way to compliment your trendy appearance. You can have this tailored style in plenty of colors and patterns. You can go for checked style shirts or plain and basic style shirts, either way, you can pull this look. To make the look more stylish you can team it up with a cardigan and long boots and for your hair, you can create a messy bun. To elevate the look a notch up you can throw a classy handbag.
This style can be easily carried off for any occasion, be it a date or you’re heading for shopping.

Wear It As A Cardigan-

Wear the shirt in a tomboy style by keeping the buttons open. For the days when you want to look off-beat and very underlying, this style is a perfect wear. Layer the button-up style beneath a breezy shirt or bright tank top and for the bottom, you can opt for mom jeans that will serve as a perfect choice for the tomboy look you want to create.
This casual style is perfect for college going girls as its perfect look to create that carefree and bold edge. Throw your backpacks and pair your funky sneakers with it and you are ready to slay in this casual yet appealing look.

Layer it Under a Summer Dress-

Shirts are the most essential pieces of building a capsule wardrobe. This button-up style can be repurposed effortlessly with other pieces to create a different yet alluring look. You can pair the button-down underneath a summer dress and make a perfect and fresh party look with the same stuff you had in your closet.
This style can also work when season changes and you’re tempted to put away your summer dresses. Make your slip dresses work in colder seasons by just throwing a shirt beneath.

Tie It into a Crop Top-

Tucked in or untucked are the most cliché ways to dress this button-up style. Create a bold and quirky edge by wearing your shirts tied up in a knot. This tied up works to be an instant transition from a boardroom meeting to a night party. If there has to be one piece in your wardrobe that can give an easy transition from day to night, it has to be a shirt. This will instantly make you feel stylish and modern.

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