We talked about clothes, shoes, accessories, and what not except for makeup, which actually plays a huge role in every girl’s life regardless of how much makeup she wears. Makeup is one such thing that is not only used to enhance your natural look (which is done out of choice and not out of any need or boundation) but also to make yourself feel good and confident. And coming to the makeup trends this season holds for you; we would like to tell you it’s all about fall and winters which are doing all the talking and can easily be seen sported by many celebrities and influencers. Add some transition to your makeup trends just like you love to create a transition with your eye shadow. From bold lips to a soft smokey eye, so many trends were seen making their way on the runways. But there were a few of them that caught our attention and will easily prove to be a staple for you to try during this winter season.

Read on to know about them.

Smudged liner

Smudged liner is one of the hottest beauty trends to follow this season. This ’80s inspired liner style is very much in fashion and looks very grunge yet extremely gorgeous. And what’s best is this smudged liner effect is very easy to create, unlike those highly complexed winged liner. You can create this smudged liner with the use of only two things, and that is a gel or pencil liner and a smudging brush. Create a thick fine line on the corner of your eyes, near the lash line. Then take the smudging brush and blend the applied product nicely over the lower half of your eyelids. Finish off the look by applying a nice coat of mascara to your lashes, and you are good to go.

Super dewy skin

Just because summer season has ended doesn’t necessarily mean you will give up on your fresh, dewy makeup look. Such dewy face with almost no makeup gives a very chic and healthy appearance and makes it seem like your skin is actually glowing all naturally. To achieve this look, you will need only 3-4 things, and that is a sheer foundation, brow filler, cheek tint/blush, and a highlighter. Taking your clean fingers, apply a light layer of foundation to your face to conceal those imperfections if you have any such as blemishes, pigmentation, etc. blend the product nicely and evenly to create a flawless base. Then add some colors to your cheek with the help of a blush. This will give a very healthy glow to your face. Now taking your eyebrow pencil or gel, fill in the brows and create nice thin strokes while mimicking your brow hairs. And the last step is to add loads of highlighter. Using your fingers or a brush, apply it to the high points of your cheeks, on the brow line, center of the nose, in the middle of your lower lip, and on the chin. Having all the steps done, you will god to go.

Glossy lips

We haven’t had a sight of glossy lips in a while, but it is definitely making a slow and steady comeback this season. Glossy lips ooze sexiness and add a hint of fresh and lush appearance to the face. And a big plus of having glossy lips is it helps in creating an illusion of fuller and plumped lips. So you can never really go wrong with this makeup trend.

Brows that look natural

Natural-looking brows is another trend to follow this year. This is especially a piece of good news for all the girls out there who don’t really like to do their eyebrows. We know doing them is quite a time consuming as well needs a lot of attention, but the end result always makes our heart happy only if done correctly. But that’s not the case anymore; you will only need to groom them a bit. Take the spoolie and brush the hair of your brows in a fine and arched texture. Then fill up the sparse areas with your eyebrow pencil using feathery strokes.

Red lips

Red lips can never really go out of fashion. It always remains in style and goes perfectly well with every skin tone. This bold color oozes both confidence and sexiness, so if you are feeling brave, go with this shade of lipstick. Also, red is the color that will never fail to attract attention and make a statement, so go ahead and carry it confidently to different occasions. From warm undertones to deep rich colors, this red lipstick comes in different hues. You can opt for the shade that goes well with your skin tone.

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