Ever been in a dilemma when you’re about to get ready for a dinner date but are not sure what attire will bring you the wow factor? We feel you totally! It can be tough to create a look that is sure to impress the people around you and especially your partner. Most of the time we don’t even care enough about getting approval but for the days where we strive to create an impression, here are some tried and tested great ideas which can nudge you in the right direction. Most girls fuss over the right colour and some will fuss over the perfect hairstyle. It can be really challenging and so, requires constant update on what is trendy and will look best wherever you go.

The trick with date outfits is to turn head around without looking like you’ve over thought it. You want to feel comfortable and come out as an adorable classy chic too.


Talking of date and night together, there is an immediate thought of extravagant colours like gold and silver. Gold brings out richness and a very vibrant feel to the outfit and is sure to catch attention when you step out in the crowd. Depending on your figure and personal style, you can choose a formal beaded golden dress. Such a colour brings out natural glow on your face and makes you look like a goddess. Itself so shiny and radiant, it doesn’t require any piece of jewellery complimenting the style. If you feel it’s too bold for you, then mix up a bit of gold with your favourite outfit to create the perfect date night look. A dash of gold is sure to work best on you!


Neons are sure to highlight your existence in a crowd and will always gain attention. This is not for the faint hearted because of the bold splash of colour. A short bandage dress in orange has the potential to be the star of any night party. Any tunic dress is considered perfect for a date night and if it is in neon, it is sure to turn heads around. Consider pairing it up with a black leather jacket for badass casual look. But mind it, wearing a bright radiant colour on a date night brings out your personality as extrovert and powerful. Add a contrasted pair of heels and a clutch with this one and voila!


If you want to dress subtle and elegant, then nudes are your best friends. Nudes can never put up a bad impression because they emit a very pure and sweet vibe. Nude makeup with loose curls, sparkly skirt with a nude blouse can never look underdressed or overdressed. It’s just right. We’ll recommend wearing heels with this one to spice things up a notch. Such colours are underestimated but can do wonders for your date night. You can even accessorize it with statement earrings for the X factor.


Date nights are supposed to be glam. Lace details are considered vintage and will never run out of style. It’s very delicate and feminine. The classic beauty of all times that is formal but very graceful. A lace dress paired with pumps turns out to be the perfect date night outfit if you wish to come out as flattering. A plain white or ivory dress is sure to draw eyes and suits best for almost all body types. Minor details like a trinket or pearl ring on the finger completes the look. Moreover, lace relates to luxury and expensive, thus lace detail is a wonderful way to appear as one of a kind.


The last time we checked in our handbook, there wasn’t any rule of no sequins without an occasion. As far as we know, shimmer and sequin have never made any outfit look less flattering during the day or night. You don’t need an extravagant party to wear sequins. They add a fancy twist to your personality and if carried correctly, sequin looks subtle and sophisticated. A knee length dress with swirling sequin and a flattering sash at the waist will look appropriate with pumps. Add dimension to the outfit with studded earrings and you’re ready to nail the perfect date night!

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