Prepare your makeup kit for winter by swapping these makeup products

Prepare your makeup kit for winter by swapping these makeup products

Winter can be a tricky season to deal with. As the temperature starts dropping, our skin also starts turning dry and flaky, and that’s because of the lack of moisture in the air and also because winter robs your skin of moisture. This is where we turn to thick and heavy creams in order to compensate for the lost moisture and make your skin feel moisturized. Lightweight skincare products don’t work in winter, they fail to deliver intense moisture to the skin, hence, the need for thicker and creamier skincare products. But this swapping isn’t just restricted to your skincare products, your makeup could also be swapped with the ones that are hydrating in nature.

Using the same makeup products you used in summer isn’t going to help you much in winter. This switch is necessary and crucial in order to keep your skin from looking patchy and flaky. While it’s easier to find skincare products that are suitable for winter, it can get a bit confusing when it comes to finding winter makeup products. You don’t have to go through all the trouble of finding suitable makeup products; we have got your back. To make things easier for you, we have rounded up a list of some makeup products that you need to include in your makeup kit for winter.


An illuminating primer

Winter makes your skin look extremely dry and flaky, what makes the matter worse is the layers of makeup you put on to achieve a flawless look. We are not suggesting to not wear makeup in winters, the only thing we are trying to indicate is you need to invest in products that will help to deliver intense moisture to your skin, and this includes your makeup products as well. Applying makeup on dry skin makes your skin look cakey and lackluster, and one of the best ways to avoid this issue is by indulging in regular exfoliation and applying an illuminating primer to your face. In addition to delivering some glow to your skin, a primer will also prevent your makeup from clinging onto the dry patches.


CC cream

Foundation can make or break your look, and when it comes to winter, you should avoid wearing this product as it can accentuate the dry patches on your skin further. If you still want to wear foundation, then make sure that it is formulated with a nourishing ingredient such as oils and is lightweight. A full-coverage foundation isn’t the best choice for winter; therefore, it’s best if you avoid wearing it in winter. The best and easy alternative to foundations is the CC cream. A CC cream not only delivers moisture to the skin but also makes it look bright, and it looks very natural.


Liquid concealers

Winter isn’t the best time to wear lightweight concealers; thick, creamy concealers, on the other hand, are a suitable choice for winter. Since liquid concealers are pretty thick and creamy in formula, they settle well on the skin. Furthermore, liquid concealers blend quite easily, and they do a decent job of concealing winter dryness.


Cream makeup products

Aside from foundation, concealer, and primer, you can also consider swapping the rest of your makeup products, including blush, compact powder, highlighter, contour, etc. Powder makeup products aren’t the most suitable choice for winter, you should opt for creamy products instead. Using powder products will end up enhancing your dry patches, and cream makeup products, on the other hand, blends very smoothly and beautifully on the skin without accentuating your dry patches. Hence, you should swap all your powder-based makeup products with cream-based makeup products to deal with winter dryness.

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