Reasons why you should include an eye primer to your makeup routine

Reasons why you should include an eye primer to your makeup routine

Primer is one of the beauty products we all are well familiar with unless you have been living under a rock. It has literally been a blessing in disguise and certainly has played a big part in helping us to up our makeup game. Much like any other beauty product, primers have also evolved over time and they are no longer just limited to face primers. Yes, you heard that right! There’s a new (not entirely) addition to the family, and that’s none other than an eye primer. When it comes to your eye makeup, there’s not much you can do to keep it intact or make the eyeshadow color pop, however, with eye primer by your side, all these things could become possible, which, in turn, would make creating different eye looks a lot easier.
If it’s your first time hearing about this product or you have no idea about what all wonderful things it’s capable of doing, that’s what this article is all about. To help you understand the importance of using primer and get you familiar with this product, we have listed 5 reasons why you should include eye primer in your makeup routine.

Ensures smooth application of eyeshadow

It is a very well known fact that the skin around your eyes is much more delicate than the rest of your face. With all the pulling and tugging it is subjected to while applying eyeshadow, your skin starts developing signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. You can avoid all the unnecessary pulling and tugging in the first place by using an eye primer. It enables you to apply your eyeshadow very smoothly, hence, minimizing the chances of aging signs.

Makes blending much easier

Some eyeshadows are a lot harder to apply than the others. Blending is the key to making your eyeshadow look perfect, and since some eyeshadow can pose the blending issue, using a primer is the best thing you can do. Aside from making blending a lot easier, eye primer also helps to keep your eyeshadow from looking patchy due to poor blending. Using it on your lids helps to create a smooth and even canvas, which helps in giving you an even finish.

Keeps creasing at bay

Eyeshadow creasing is one thing that happens to most of us very often. Hours after wearing the eye makeup, it starts to crease, which doesn’t look very appealing. You would be happy to know that we have an easy solution to fix this problem. With the use of an eye primer, you can keep creasing at bay. Since primer helps to create a smooth canvas, it helps to keep creasing at bay.

Makes your eye makeup long-lasting

Making your eye makeup last longer can be such a huge task, but eye primer makes that easier as well. Much like a normal face primer, an eye primer also helps to make your eye makeup long-lasting. It forms a barrier between your skin and your makeup, which additionally keeps your eye makeup protected from oil, sweat, and dirt.

Makes your eyeshadow color pop

No matter how bright or pigmented some eyeshadow colors look in the palette, when you apply them on your lids, they don’t look as vibrant, and that can be attributed to discoloration on your lids. All that discoloration can keep the eyeshadow color from popping, but you can take care of this issue by using your eye primer. Apply a layer of eye primer to your lids before applying the eyeshadow, it will help to even out your skin and minimize imperfections, which, in turn, will help to brighten your eye makeup and make the color pop.

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