The Best Face Mask For Your Skin Type

The Best Face Mask For Your Skin Type

Being occasional indulgence face masks have all evolved to be an essential step in our skincare regime. For that weekly pampering of our skin when our skin needs the extra boost to beat that entire week’s fatigue we reach out to these masks. But if you pick-in any random formulation just thinking it to be a mask, you’re highly mistaken. Like your ideal skincare regime that perfectly suits your skin type, there are varied mask formulations to match varied skin types.
With the latest fads in face masking, deciding on what mask to pick and choose is hard-won. The vast line of formulations from sheet masks, peel-offs, exfoliating pods, overnight sleeping masks, clay masks, and what not the market is overwhelmed with hell lot of stuff that directly affects our choice. If masks are all about the right formulations and right usage, then why not take some time out to make an informed choice of what we’ll use to reap the maximum benefits.
Here, we break down the most popular face mask according to the skin type they work best for, so that your next splurge on face masks become a whole lot easier.

Enzyme Mask-

Enzyme Mask suits every skin type as these masks are formulated with natural enzymes that don’t cause any harm to your skin. If you’re new to the term enzyme masks here’s what enzyme masks are all about. An enzyme mask is composed of peels that make the exfoliation process much faster. Exfoliation is really important for the health of the skin and these peels effectively removes the dead skin cells, bringing out the new layer of skin, and promotes smooth and brightening complexion keeping the fair share of problems such as dark spots, acne marks, and hyperpigmentation at a bay. If you’re looking for an effective and gentle exfoliation you should definitely add enzyme masks to your skincare regime.

Clay Mask-

Clay mask ply to oily and combination skin type. Clay mask is an effective treatment in controlling the excess sebum production, which can be the root cause of multiple skin problems. Clay is known to absorb oil and shine thus complimenting the oily and acne-prone skin. The clay not only controls the excessive sebum production but also draws out impurities lingering on the surface of the skin that lead to clogged pores. Therefore, contributing toward matte, brighter, and clear complexion. Oily skin beauties in summer should definitely treat their skin with clay masks. Obviously, you can find clay masks in different variants but the most known one is to be the charcoal clay mask. Charcoal is known to attract all the gunk, dirt, impurities that are a reason for a good number of skin issues.

Brightening Mask-

If your skin is more toward dry and dull type you should undeniably hunt for brightening masks that will quench the thirst of your dry and dull skin giving it a punch of hydration and glow. The skin has to go through so many odds harmful rays of the sun, chemically loaded stuff, pollution, free-radicals a few to mention, the skin starts behaving oddly, it looks dull and tired. Here, is where brightening masks come to light, they nourish, replenish, and hydrate your skin restoring back the lost moisture and glow. With brightening masks, you can achieve that glow right, sans makeup.

Exfoliating Mask-

The exfoliation mask is really beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin. Unlike, the physical exfoliation that involves the abrasive scrubbing that can trigger acne, the exfoliation mask involves chemical acids that are scientifically proven to exfoliate the skin without the feel of exfoliation. Usually, the exfoliation mask just sums up the whole process to 10 minutes or less without the unease of harsh beads. For the acne-prone skin that needs regular exfoliation but can’t dare to pick physical scrubs chemical exfoliation is the correct move.

Sheet Mask-

Ruling the instagram feeds sheet mask has been a warming up trend lately. For a quick boost to the skin, the sheet mask is an effectual and time-saving move. The face-shaped sheets are soaked with nutrition and hydration. Sheet masks are available in plenty of ingredients and have shortened the process of face masking to just 15 minutes. They are ideal for any skin type and works amazingly well.

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