Tips to Step up your style game with stunning tights

Tips to Step up your style game with stunning tights

Bottoms are a necessity for every person’s wardrobe because they ante your style game and add a dimension to your outfit. They are the best friend for your t-shirts, tops, and bouses of any kind. But if you feel that you need bottoms in different designs, then these gorgeous tights will be your best choice. Tights are the perfect combination of a trouser and leggings curated as one. You can wear patterned tights in any which way you want and curate a stunning outfit for yourself. you can also invent a new style by wearing them in the winter season as well. There are a lot of opaque styles available in tights that you can pair with loose cardigans and tunics for the ultimate style quotient. If that is your goal, then you are in the right place. You’ll want to step up your style game with patterned tights this season and come out like a diva. The key is to know how to properly style them and so, here are some tips to get you started.

Pick different fabrics and textures

There are a lot of different fabrics available in tights other than the transparent ones. If you thought that only the transparent tights can make you look stunning, then you haven’t met these gorgeous tights. There are tights available in an opaque and thick fabric in colorful designs that you can choose for your single-colored outfit. this will create an interesting visual for the world and will instantly upgrade the vibe of your personality. Go for wool, satin, linen and pick Aztec, geometric, floral or anything that you like. Simply combining different colors and contrasts will ante your outfit game.

Add a pop of color

Colors have never harmed anyone and so, this same rule applies to these tights as well. If you like textures and prints, you will like some bright colors too. You can pick neutral, brights and pastels according to the attire you are wearing but it is recommended to pick something matchy if you have a printed outfit. On the other hand, if you are wearing a solid color like a hot pick cardigan, then a contrasting tight will do. But if you are a first-timer in pairing tights, it is better to tone down the color a bit. This is because you are already experimenting and so, you do not want to get all eyes on you with a bold combination. So, go for neutrals or pastels or transparent tights if you want to wear them but also want them to look regular and mainstream.

Play with prints that you will actually wear

Prints and patterns of any kind are a great pick for all the fashion divas out there. You can pick as many prints and patterns as you want and all of them will be flattering. This holds true for all kinds of apparel but in tights, this is a bit tricky. You can go for printed tights but it is advised to pick only those prints that you will actually wear. This means that you already know what kind of pattern looks good on you. So, go for that one. Do not experiment the first time because it might just dull your confidence. If you feel polka is your thing, then go for it. If you feel you can rock in animal print, go for it. Understand your personal style and pick it!

Go for shorter hemlines with tights

The sole purpose of wearing a tight is that you ant people to notice your sense of style. There are so many outfits that you can pair with patterned tights like long dresses and tunics. But the best way to make them a highlighted part of your outfit is to pick shorter hemlines. Here the idea is to make it noticeable so that your outfit looks bright and shiny. Pick a short length shorts or a mini skirt or asymmetric hemline to make room for these tights in the best possible way. This will be the best way to make them a great part of your entire outfit. So, the colors and textures of these tights are something you should pay attention to because they will be visible a lot.

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