Useful tips to rock a bold red lip at your wedding

Useful tips to rock a bold red lip at your wedding

Becoming a bride is something every girl dreams of ever since they are a little girl, and then finally comes the day when they actually get to be a bride and wear the most beautiful bridal dress. Wedding is one of the most special days in every person’s life, more so for women given that they get to dress up beautifully for the day. It’s not every day you get to get married, so it only seems fitting to make the most of everything and get yourself decked up in a way you always envisioned yourself as a bride.

If you thought choosing your wedding outfit is the most difficult thing to do, wait until you are supposed to choose your wedding makeup. While most women usually prefer keeping their wedding makeup light and neutral, some women go the bold route and rock a classic red lip on their wedding day, which seriously looks incredibly stunning and sexy when worn correctly. Rocking a classic red lip on the wedding day might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but those who are willing to go a little bold with their makeup, particularly with their lips; this article is all you need to read. A bold red lipstick can sometimes look a bit OTT. To help you ensure that you nail the classic red lip beautifully on your wedding day, we have listed a few near-genius tips that will make it possible.


Pick a shade that complements your skin tone

You can find red lipstick in a myriad of shades, and it’s not necessary that every shade will look equally flattering on you. Some shades will flatter you more than others; you need to shortlist the colors that complement your skin tone in the best possible way. You can speak to your makeup artist to try out different shades and figure out which one suits you the best. Picking a shade that complements your skin tone will not only bring the best out of you but will also make you look even more amazing in the photographs.


Layer your lips

Lipstick bleeding is the last thing you want to experience on your wedding day, but it’s totally possible to prevent this disaster from happening. One of the best ways to ensure your lipstick doesn’t bleed halfway through the wedding is by layering your lips. Before putting on your lipstick, make sure to overline your lips using a red lip liner and apply it across your lips as well. Take the red lipstick you are supposed to wear and apply it across your lips with the help of a lip brush. To make your lips look more accentuated and pouty, apply a tiny amount of concealer to the edges of your lips, and blend it with your fingers. Make sure to spritz makeup setting spray to lock everything in place.


Keep the rest of your makeup neutral

A red lip is bold and statement-making in itself; you don’t anything extra in order to add spice to the look. Try keeping the rest of your look pretty simple to let your red lip be the focus of your entire look. You don’t need to go overboard with your makeup, keep everything simple. You can keep the base dewy and peachy; just make sure to add loads of highlighter to the high points of your face.


Prep your lips

One of the biggest struggles with lipstick is keeping it in place throughout the day. And if you always struggle with this thing, then you really need to level up your lip care game. Prepping your lips nicely will definitely help to keep your lipstick in place throughout the day. Aside from scrubbing and moisturizing, you should also apply a thin layer of concealer all over your lips in order to even them out, which in turn, will make your lips pop.

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