Near-genius tips to apply mascara on your lower lashes

Near-genius tips to apply mascara on your lower lashes

Eye makeup is one of the best ways to add the much-needed drama to your look or to simply accentuate your facial features. Every eye makeup product is important in its own ways, but some products have a special place in almost every girl’s life, and we are sure mascara is right on the top of the list, and we don’t see why not. Simply coating your lashes with a volumizing or lengthening mascara makes a huge difference to your look and transform you from drab to fab in no time, that’s the power of this god-sent product.

Whether it’s an everyday simple makeup look or a smokey eye look, no eye makeup look tends to feel complete without coating your mascara with lashes. Mascara not only helps to add drama to the look, but it also accentuates your eyes and makes your peepers look wide, especially if you have curled your lashes using an eyelash curler. When it comes to using mascara, it’s considerably easy to apply it on the top lashes, but the same cannot be said for lower lashes. Applying mascara on lower lashes can be a scary job considering one mistake can ruin the entire eye makeup and make it look messy. If this fear has kept you from applying mascara on your lower lashes, this needs to end now because you don’t realize what you’re missing on. Applying mascara on lower lashes can make your eyes look even wider and more beautiful.

Listed below are a couple of tips you need to follow to apply mascara on lower lashes correctly.


Use waterproof mascara for your lower lashes

If you are really afraid of making a mess while applying mascara on lower lashes, then you should consider using a waterproof formula for your bottom lashes. Also, even if your eyes don’t get watery easily, you should consider switching to waterproof mascara for your lower lashes. Mascaras with a waterproof formula won’t budge, thereby canceling out the chances of a makeup faux pas.


Apply your mascara from side to side

Most people apply mascara to their bottom lashes in an up and down motion, instead of doing it this way; you should try applying mascara from side to side in a wiggling motion. Using this application technique will enable you to coat your lower lashes beautifully without making any mess or ruining your makeup.


Know the right technique

Technique matters when it comes to using mascara. In order to keep your mascara on the bottom lashes mess-free, it’s imperative to apply the product using the right technique. And the right technique is to apply mascara to the roots of your lashes only; extending it till the tips might lead to ugly clumps. And when it comes to applying mascara on your inner and outer lashes, you should hold the wand vertically to make sure that all the lashes are coated properly.


Use a lash comb

Clumpy lashes can look really hideous, and if you absolutely hate them just like us, then you need to keep a lash comb handy. Using the wrong applicator or picking up too much product end up making your lashes look clumpy, this is where a lash comb comes into the picture. Make sure to comb your lashes using a lash comb before applying mascara. This will not only separate your lashes or avoid clumps but will also make your lashes look fuller.


Cover your undereye area

One of the easiest ways to prevent your mascara from getting transferred onto your undereye skin is by keeping the undereye area covered. You can either use a spoon or a credit card to cover your undereye skin.

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