5 Trendy basics you can wear with your leather pants

 5 Trendy basics you can wear with your leather pants

Leather is one of the most arresting and chic fabrics you can have in your wardrobe, especially when there is a dip in the temperature. While most of us own this fabric in the form of a leather jacket, there are only a few of us who would dare to go one step ahead in the game and invest in leather pants. For some reason, many women feel a tad bit intimidated when it comes to styling leather pants, they might seem like a bigger deal, but in reality, they work very much in a similar way as your regular pair of jeans. Given the extra feel of leather pants, a lot of us end up getting confused when it comes to styling the said pants, and as a result, we never really get to wear them. But today, we are going to change that. You don’t have to go all out with your leather pants to do them justice, just treat them like your regular jeans, and that would automatically make things easier for you.
If you have been taking stress over styling your leather pants, you need not anymore. Just take a look at the article below and find out about 5 trendy basics that you can wear with your leather pants.

Oversized button-down shirt

Seems like the oversized effect has moved over to the shirt section as well, and if we look at the current trends, oversized button-down shirts are having quite a moment right now. The combination of a shirt and jeans can never go wrong, it is pretty classic, similarly, when you will wear your leather pants with an oversized button-down shirt, the outcome is going to be truly chic and spectacular. Whether you choose to keep the shirt tucked or untucked, this pairing will create an uber-cool and bomb look.

White tank top

If you want to keep things casual and comfy, then you should probably stick to wearing a white tank top. The combination of leather pants and a white tank top looks no less than chic. This outfit strikes a perfect balance between casual and dressed up look. Additionally, both white tank top and leather pants are pretty classic, and when you pair two classics together, the outcome is always going to be timeless, and with this pairing, you can expect some fashion-forward vibes as well.

Leather shacket

Shackets are trending hard this year, and if you consider yourself a fashion girl at heart, you have to have this piece in your wardrobe. You can find shackets in a wide range of options, but a leather shacket is the only one that will look outstanding with your leather pants. The leather on both top and bottom lends the outfit a sense of cohesiveness and makes it look more put together. This is one of the edgiest and chicest combinations you can try this fall.

Chunky sweaters

The easiest way to add some texture to your outfit is by slipping into one of your chunky sweaters. You can pair your leather pants with your favorite chunky sweater to add some texture to the look. This pairing goes so well together that you will have a well-rounded outfit in no time.

Crewneck sweatshirts

Crewneck sweatshirts are one of the comfiest and coolest pieces of clothing to have in your wardrobe. However, they can look too simple and basic at times, the easiest way to make them feel instantly cooler is by pairing them with your leather pants. Take your favorite crewneck sweatshirt, wear it with your sleek leather pants, and there you have an uber-cool outfit.

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