Things to bear in mind while purchasing a nude lipstick

Things to bear in mind while purchasing a nude lipstick

Nude lipsticks have a separate fan base, and there are quite amazing reasons that explain this shade’s popularity, which keeps increasing every day. The number one reason being its versatility, whether it’s a no-makeup makeup look or heavy makeup look, a nude lipstick will always complement each look equally well. Nude lips have an amazing ability to tie the whole look together and lend a hint of drama without looking over the top. While red and pink lipsticks help to add a pop of color to the look and make it appear more intense, nude lipsticks might not be as loud as them, but they can do absolute wonders for every kind of makeup look.
Nude is one of the most universally flattering shades out there, it complements every skin tone, and it’s not hard to find a shade that looks the most flattering on your skin tone. If you have been meaning to invest in a nude lipstick for yourself for whatever reason, know that, much like red lipstick, you can find nude lipstick in a plethora of shades. And there’s a nude lipstick formulated for every skin tone in different formulas and textures. We have listed a few things every woman should keep in bear while purchasing a nude lipstick.

Determine your skin tone

First things first, it’s important to determine your skin tone before you start looking for your options. Figuring out your skin tone will take you one step forward in the hunt for your perfect nude lipstick. Additionally, it will give you some idea about which shade will look the best on you so that you can limit your options. Picking a nude shade that’s too light will end up making your lips disappear, and a darker shade will defeat the entire purpose of wearing nude lipstick, therefore, you need to consider your options based on your skin tone.

Consider your undertone

Nude lipsticks can do some serious wonders to your look, but they also have the ability to break your look when the color you have picked doesn’t complement your undertone. The main purpose of wearing nude lipstick is to achieve a fresh, glowing, and natural look, wearing the wrong shade of nude lipstick can make you look ill and your complexion washed out. Therefore, aside from considering your skin tone, you should also take your undertone into consideration so that you can pick a shade that complements your skin the most.

Your natural lip color plays a crucial role


While your skin tone and undertone are the two most important things to keep in mind before purchasing a nude lipstick, the natural color of your lips also plays a crucial role to determine the perfect nude lipstick for you. Whether you have naturally pink lips or pigmented lips, you should take this factor into consideration so that you can choose the shade accordingly. If you are not able to find a shade that is identical to your natural lip color, you can go for one shade darker.

Swatch them before making any purchase

While it might seem convenient to shop beauty products online, products like foundation and lipsticks are best purchased from the stores. We would recommend purchasing a nude lipstick from a physical store instead of buying it online so that you can have a better idea about how the shade will look on you. Some lipsticks look different on lips than they appear in the tubes; hence, you should always swatch the shades to find out which one of them meets your requirements perfectly.

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