Statement earrings in exaggerated sizes and mismatched colors are the selfie generation’s new favorite trend. In the 80s these were definitely top notch and one could swear by the extent to which these altered any look to a whole level. A face full of makeup and bouffant hair with bold statement earrings to flaunt! Earrings don’t limit to hoops or danglers or just diamond or pearls, they could be architectural sculptures in mismatched colors, stones and beads, hammered shapes or disproportionate ornamentals. The whole idea of earrings being main stream has changed and now they’re a crucial and an undeniably attractive part of any outfit. You get a sense of completion wearing them, adds a little fun and people love it. Want bling hanging down your ears? Pick any of these below mentioned pieces and you’re almost there!


There’s a thin line between classy and cheesy, awesome and absurd. Sometimes over-sized pieces can look effortlessly charming and sometimes can be a complete flop depending on the outfit you wear. These bold large jewels have unique shapes and unusual design which draws a lot of attention for obvious reasons. Funky material like metals, precious stones, seashells and bright radiant gems are the new classic way to play with. This type of jewelry is best when you want to create a blend of traditional and modern. They give a dramatic look to your attire. Pick your distressed jeans and a tank top for a varying tone.


When it comes to sparkling jewelry, we say ‘go big or go home.’ Sparkle and shimmer are no longer limited to night parties. They’re unusual yet fit so perfectly with casual outfits. The wonderful effect they create on the outfit is commendable. They should be worn in big sizes with plain outfits. Feminine shades of magenta, silver, and lavender in intricate gold make a great choice for eye-catching statement earrings. Feel free to mix these shades of earrings with a chic white outfit as a rule of thumb. It’s an elegant style to highlight your fashionista side.


Gold, silver and brass do not account for just traditional jewelry anymore. These heavy metals have a really cool vibe attached to them and the trick is to pick one metal color scheme and build on that one instead of mixing different colors and creating a monochrome effect. You could mix match the metals but then the outfit should be monotone to avoid mess. Popular styles like bohemian work delightfully for a lunch date or meeting thus, showcasing your style with beautiful trinkets. Boho-inspired statement jewelry look best with floated skirts and flowing maxi dresses.


Earrings are not limited to just beads and stones now. Intricate jewelry has taken a turn and moved towards all kind of fabric like lace, ribbons, and silk thus creating drop tassels look. These are often crafted with ornaments, stones and metals to create alluring jewels which is highly impactful. Stick to pastel shades and avoid the bulky ones. Fabric earrings have become the new rage showcasing a laid back yet trendy style. Bold and edgy, it demands attention for its unique design. Grab these for a stunning look!


When it comes to pearls, they are a classic choice or adornment that will never go out of style. These are a beautiful addition to any outfit for the elegance they carry within themselves. Any day event or any night party- this is your definite pick. To create that extra factor, pick an exaggeratedly long string of pearl wrapped around your neck and flaunt a retro vibe. This is bit of old school but is best when casual attire needs modish appearance. Everyone owns pearls and it’s time to take those babies out of your closet.  Experimentation is the key to nudge you in the right direction!

There’s nothing off-limits when it comes to picking out unique statement jewelry. What matters is how you carry them and be confident about it. Love what you’ve chosen and you’re half way there!

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