Are you often told that you own too many handbags? We feel you totally! But the truth is you can never have too many handbags. And especially if you’re a handbag freak and always run into stores full of bags, this post is for you. Handbag can either make or break you look, if you believe us. You might dress in the most glamorous clothing, buy the most expensive shoes but if you don’t carry the right handbag with the outfit, it is a flop show! The accessories that we wear or carry are actually to enhance the look of the attire and not to dull it. Why else would we pick accessories if we didn’t want to add oomph factor to the look? Handbags are fun to carry and also best for your utilities. Some brands are trending this season with their glorious handbags and they have actually become bestsellers. And some are still classics and absolute must-haves. Take a look!


One of the fanciest brand names to exist in the world of accessories. In recent times, Michael Kors has gained the attention it needed for producing the most stylish handbags ever. They have come up with a variety of bags ranging from wallets to slings to totes and all of them are must haves in your collection. The designs and colours are in plenty thus giving you a lot of options to choose from. The most sold out Michael Kors bag will be the tote bag because of the ample space it has and of course the style is to die for. The X factor of this brand is that they have the brand logo printed on the bag all over and thus catches the eye even from a distance.


Steve Madden bags are known for their unusual designing and patterns on the articles. They make use of huge stones, neon colours, heavy embroidered work and beads all over, whether it is handbags, shoes or other accessories. They have a very distinctive style with style and chic look. They are expensive for the space they provide but are still on every girl’s wish list because they are just so attractive. Luxury and fashion goes hand in hand when it comes to the Steve Madden collection.


Ted baker hands down makes the cutest bags ever! Ted baker bags come with a unique feature of a bow and floral designing in the front. They look so cute that you just can’t get hands off them. Your style amps up automatically when you’re spotted with a Ted Baker handbag. The matte leather is of great quality and of ooze class. With an innate English vibe to the bags, they look ultra sophisticated and are surely timeless companions in terms of look and utility. You must buy this one now as its totally worth it!!


When you want to flaunt leather but can’t dream of buying pure leather then Calvin Klein has offered their faux leather collection for you. The Calvin Klein bags are highly functional and designer in style. The prestige of this brand goes back a long way and everyone has always dreamt of having a piece from this collection. The tote bags and handbags are massive, elegant and can fit most of your essentials including laptop and tablet. Along with adding a stylish look to your personality, these are quite affordable. What else do you need?


Coach bags are meant for anyone who wants to show off a very sleek, light and stylish bag in the crowd. They come in different sizes with same designing but different colours, more or less. Colours available are usually tan brown, off-whites and other solid colours from the spectrum. Every girl out there is obsessed with this brand because of affordability in luxury brands and also for functionality. You can carry them to informal lunches and even dressy occasions. The utility is limitless!


A timeless and style upgrade piece of luxury. Kate spade bags come in solid colours with the brand name in bright gold colour written sleekly in the front. Unique features like chain slings and thick handles add charm to the style of the bag thus giving major style goals to us. This brand is a keeper for its undying quality and sophistication. It goes best with your formal outfits and is worth every penny because it won’t go out of style.

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