Common reasons that are making your makeup and skincare to pill

 Common reasons that are making your makeup and skincare to pill

Have you ever noticed flakes or globs on your face that looks like your skin or the product you have just used on your face? If yes, and in case if you haven’t already figured out what’s been happening to your face, it is called pilling, which is more common than you know. Pilling is most commonly associated with your winter clothes, especially knitwear and sweaters. And while that is true, it can happen to your face as well while applying your skincare or makeup products. When the product you have applied never gets soaked into the skin, it results in pilling that mostly appears in the form of flakes or globs on your face.
If you are wondering what’s it that’s causing your skin to pill and making your makeup look a complete blunder, you have come to the right place. Pilling has nothing to do with having the most amazing makeup skills; it can happen to anyone, therefore, to ensure that it doesn’t to you again or ever in your life, take a look at the article below where we have mentioned a few reasons that might be causing your makeup or makeup to pill.

Applying silicone-based products

Silicone-based products are one of the biggest culprits of pilling. Although it is very well-known that every ingredient reacts differently to different skin types, when it comes to silicone, it’s best to minimize using silicone-based products as it can result in pilling. Silicone helps in creating a smooth and silky canvas for the easy application of makeup products, but it tends to sit on the surface of your skin and not get absorbed. Applying a silicone-based foundation on the top of silicone-based moisturizer can eventually result in pilling; therefore, you should minimize using silicone-based products and always keep a check on the ingredients while purchasing new products.

Using heavy-duty makeup and skincare products

When it comes to skincare and makeup products, instead of using heavy-duty products, you should use lightweight products as they are a lot easier to get absorbed into your skin. On the contrary, heavy-duty products don’t get absorbed into the skin very well, which results in pilling. Therefore, choose the products very wisely.

Doing your skincare routine in rush

Your skincare regimen is the most crucial part of your routine, and merely applying the products won’t show any effective change. Instead of rushing into applying your skincare products, you should give each product some time to get absorbed properly. Layering the products one after another without giving them any break will eventually rub off the previous layer, making your efforts and the product useless. Therefore, in order to avoid pilling, you must avoid rushing your skincare regimen.

Not applying your skincare products in the right order

Like we mentioned above, your skincare regimen is extremely crucial, and nothing matters more than applying the products in the right order. In order to notice effective results, it’s important to use the products in the right order. Incorrect order can prevent your skin from absorbing other products, which can further result in pilling.

Not exfoliating your skin

Dead skin cells form a layer over your skin, making it appear very dull. But that’s not the only problem that we encounter with dead skin cells, there’s much more to it. Exfoliation is an imperative part of your routine as it helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Not exfoliating your skin can make it hard for the products to get absorbed, and they will have nowhere else to go but sit on the surface of your skin, and this will result in those annoying tiny bubbles that will eventually ruin your look.

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