The word hipster immediately takes us to whole another world; where the night is lit, the days are sunny and you have this ‘too cool for you’ attitude all over you. Dressed up in acid wash jeans and flannel shirts, the aesthetics of dressing in a hipster outfit is absolutely vintage and far away from being main stream. All those who wish to dress unusually and be noticeable in a crowd are influenced by this look. Hipster is not just an outfit; it’s a feeling of rustic and pop-culture to express the loud side of oneself. They are super comfortable and artistic too because you don’t have to follow any rules while flaunting the hipster look. Alternative lifestyle and quirky dressing is all about being hipster. If you haven’t yet styled yours, it’s time to jump right in. We have rounded off a couple of hipster looks that you will love to slip into happily!


Where there is hipster, there is vintage! Vintage is anything timeless that looks elegant even after years of shelf life. You can nail this look with a nice bright vintage skirt paired with a hat. A nice summery flowing skirt of floral or lovely prints all over with a plain blouse and wide-brimmed hat to round off the look is the perfect day look. This one has a really cool easy breezy feel to it. You can always pair some really classic statement pieces with the outfit to add the punk factor. Whether you’re going to a concert or catching up on a brunch date, this will always be thumbs up.


A shirt had to be on this list and a plaid shirt was the most obvious pick. Shirts have evolved from just being a part of the masculine wardrobe and how beautifully have they! A check plaid shirt falling over distressed of frayed hem jeans is one of the easiest hipster looks to carry. Anybody can carry this one without second thoughts. It is of so much comfort to the eyes as it is to the body. With this combination, just throw along a nice bib necklace and put on a floppy hat for the cool vibe. A variety of colours and checks can be picked for the shirt and you’re good to go.


Wearing a pant suit formal outfit is too main stream and hipsters don’t do that. Pick one piece from your casual outfit and one from the formal outfit and bang! Another cool chic look! A neon coat paired with your funky shorts can take a simple pair from drab to fab. How cool is that? The coat covers most part of the shorts thus giving a very chic look. This is one of the most excellent ways to create a functional outfit that looks trendy everywhere. Pair this one with ankle boots or cool white sneakers to break away from being pretty to punk.


Surprise your friends by showing up in a different look altogether. Hit up with this combination and a pair of chunky boots and look classy in this vintage piece. Check pants automatically take us back to the 90s and there is no doubt that today also they look as stylish as ever. Practical and casual with a little attitude defines this one. Check pants are now available in flare and culottes style too for the modish ones. Pair this with a bandana on your head to finish off the look. You can also wear a gold jewel choker or tribal jewellery to add your creative touch to it.


If you’re one of a kind and too bold for the average one, this rock punk is for you. Rather than going for plain tees and light colours, you would want to go for graphic tees with a splash of colour in the front, skinny or boot-cut distressed jeans and gothic boots. You want to remain on the edge with this rock chic hipster look and focus on dark boyish clothing rather than picking everything feminine. All this has a creative touch to it. Explore yourself and find out to what extent can you experiment, what is your extreme and you’ll find an answer to your punk rock style.


Bring out your hipster side, match it with your mood and rock like a pro!

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